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A classic Christmas Card by Bill Hurtz, ca. 1940

This year a classic Christmas Card for all blog readers. It is a card by one of Walt Disney’s 1940 studio employees…Bill Hurtz. he made a true Disney “classic” with this card.

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Josef Albers and his Christmas card from 1952

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On this Christmas eve some thoughts by Josef Albers :

Wenn ich male
sehe und denke ich zunächst – Farbe

Und zumeist Farbe als Bewegung

Nicht als Begleitung
von Form, die seitwärts bewegt,
nur seitwärts verbleibt

Sondern als Farbe in dauernder innerer Bewegung

Nicht nur in Interaktion und Interdependenz
mit Nachbarfarben,
verbunden wie unverbunden

Sondern in Aggression – zum wie vom Beschauer
in direktem frontalen Uns-Anschauen

Und näher betrachtet,
als ein Atem und Pulsieren – in der Farbe

When I paint
I think and see
first and most – color
but color as motion

Color not only accompanying
form of lateral extension
and after being moved
remaining arrested

But of perpetual inner movement
as aggression – to and from the spectator
besides interaction an interdependence
with shape and hue and light

Color in a direct and frontal focus
and when closely felt
as a breathing and pulsating
– from within

Josef Albers

The card below was the original Josef Albers Christmas card from 1952

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Unfortunately this card is NOT available at, but many other Albers item are available. a Merry Xmas from Wilfried van den Elshout and FTN books




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Lazy Xmas days… Joost Swarte continued with TRANSPORT


Not much time available during the last days to think about a blog and because it was so easy to make a blog on the portfolio by Joost Swarte on the great 20th century artists i decided to devote another blog to another Swarte portfolio….so here is TRANSPORT.

Artist/ Author: Joost Swarte Title : Transport Publisher: oog & Blik, 1993 Number of pages: series of 4 silkscreens in 9 colours. Text / Language: dutch Measurements: 50 x 40 cm for the container/ 44 x 34 cm for the prints Condition: mint extra information on this item: Alle 4 prints are signed and numbered by Swarte in pencil . edition of 350 copies . all are numbered 194/350

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