the PIET DIRKX Daily

News: Well it is now for certain… i photographed and prepared in advance the rest of the cigarboxes … and the last cigarbox by Piet Dirkx will be published on the 24th of December 2018


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Beginning on the first of september 2016. A Daily Piet Dirkx art work will be shown.

Piet Dirkx…an artist who i admire and have known now for 30+ years and one  i have been following his entire career. From the early days he assisted Sol LeWitt with his wall drawings in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, until his most recent exhibitions I practically have seen them all and in between we have been visiting his studio in Eindhoven multiple times.

At one time we agreed in buying/selling part of his installation BIOTOOP he was showing at the Haags Gemeentemuseum, which contained many of his cigar boxes. ( see the book “biotoop” ).Piet smoked at that time dutch cigars and used the boxes as notepads, sketchbooks and canvasses.

I numbered these boxes, described them and scanned them 20 years ago. Now is the time to photograph these again in the best possible quality in high resolution with good lightning and show them to a larger audience.

These little works of art by Piet Dirkx are now for sale.

Each number given corresponds with the collection number. There are four categories.

  • only text : euro 70,–
  • Text and drawing euro 120,–
  • drawing euro 150,–
  • painting euro 200,–
  • hc /Hors categorie euro 350,–

These “cigar” boxes were all made between 1980 and 1995. After that date Piet changed the way he made his notations. He used Moleskines instead of his trusted cigarboxes and has made a new installation out of them which were shown at HEDEN a few years ago. Heden published a beautiful little book on this later notebooks.

I hope the Piet Dirkx daily will be a fascinating document and gives you some insight in the working and imagination of the artist’s mind.