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James Lambourne (1957)

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I thoughtn I had lost the book….. but a few weeks ago it surfaced agian after rearranging all my titles and putting them back in order again…….and there it was, a small book i bought when we visited Mallorca and the Fundacio Joan  Miro on the island.

I remember buying 2 of these books, because i was impressed by the works of this artist…James Lambourne. It has the quality of Richard Long his stone circles, but instead of a horizontal object these were vertical like paintings.

Observing nature is the basis of James Lambourne’s artistic creation, building an iconography and a personal language that connects us to the shapes, colours and elements of his surroundings. This is how the art critic lookos at his works, but what struck me personally was the bond i felt the artist had with nature, making for me personally these works being attractive. This smust have been teh reason to buy 2 copies of the book of whcih one is now available at


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Stedelijk Museum “on line” visits

Blog readers know of the large collection i have for sale on the Stedelijk Museum, its artists and its exhibitions (, but it is hard to grow this collection . No book markets, no museum visits and the only thing i could do is to photograph and describe my stock and add this to my inventory. It has now grown over by 1100 entries and i am convinced it is one of the largest collections for sale on the Stedelijk Museum and itss history. But to bridge the time between closure and reopening its collections to visitors, they made available some interesting virtual visits to the museum and its collections. Guided by curators and director Rein Wolfs , you can now make a virtual visit. One of the best i think is the one Rein Wolfs hosts. It shows the direction into which the Stedelijk is developing for the next decade or so. Interesting…. yes…., but i do hope they still will keep their focus on their history and great collection, they build over the years.



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Dirk Vander Eecken (1954)

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I was trying to find some information on the Belgian artist Dirk Vander Eecken when i stumbled upon a painting by this artist. The work was sold nearby at auction. SO there i was at the viewing day…..It was there high up in the shade and badly presented to the public, but i decided to take the gamble and made a bid and won.

Now i have it in my sudy. It is there, proudly standing against one of my bookcases and i am getting more and more impressed by its qualities. It is a combinbation of painted papers, prints and tissues worked into two sides which appear to have no relation which each other accept……. study it closely and you will see that in the background of the right part a part of the composition of the left part is still visible. The right part has been overprinted/painted with some wooden/organic/vegetal parts making the painting much more complex and appealing. This painting is now for sale at ( ftn art).

It measuers 200 x 100 cm. signed by Vander Eecken and its condition is still excellent. For a viewing appointment please contatc me at Vander Eecken has had exhibitions all over Europe and his works are present in the collection of the SMAK, Mhka and many more.

eecken a



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Posters by Willem Sandberg and Wim Crouwel…part 11

One of the most iconic sets is the catalogue and poster for the 1965 Raysse exhibition. Pure french Pop Art whith a poster that shows the neon elements for which aysse became famous. Both poster and book belong to the best Crouwel has designed in the Sixties for the Stedelijk …..

and this time they have many design elements in common.

Both are available at


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Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and COBRA

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Most art lovers abroad do not know that within a distance of 10km of the Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, another great museum can be found. The museum itself much …much smaller…. but for its collection it deserves to be mentioned beside the Boymans. the STEDELIJK MUSEUM SCHIEDAM has had its collecting focus during the last 30 years on Cobra and The INFORMELEN and Zero art and build a collection which must be visited.

Situated in an old building in the center of Schiedam it is now being renovated to present its Cobra collection in the best way possible. So make a mental note when you are visiting Rotterdam. Take the tram to Schiedam and visit its collection when it opens again after the renovation. The following Stedelijk Museum Schiedam books are available at

cobra schiedam


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Alain Clément (1941)

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The first time i encountered works by Alain Clément was in Germany when i visited the Ludwig collection and never stopped loving his works since. Form, colors, shapes it all results for me in a state of happiness.

Alain Clément (74), a former professor and director of the École des Beaux Arts in Nîmes, seeks to unify light and color into an indissoluble entity in his paintings. The horizontal streams of color are often traversed by diagonal streams, and the vertically-running ones often collide with the culmination of the pictorial reality at the surface edges. No sooner do you comprehend one thread of the artistically interwoven color than does it withdraw and you begin to pursue the next.

Alain Clément described his art as follows:  “My lines became more fluid, the forms more mobile; I was able to disengage the body from my painting and create a dance, a dance that no longer depicts the bodies of the dancers but the movement of the line, which I express in a constant back and forth between painting and sculpture.”

On occasion the forms are severe, at other times a labyrinthine entanglement of brushstrokes. Or they are of equally nimble and light cut and painted strips—of steel. The figurative may have defined the early work of the artist, but after five decades of seeing, learning and experience, he arrived at abstraction: a superb pas de deux of color and form. And everything that occurs to the radiance on and behind these pictorial spheres emerges from Alain Clément’s unbridled love of life, art, and the inexhaustible wealth of art history; in which, as he once said, Gauguin has influenced—”almost physically energized”—him. has two beautiful Clement publications available

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Seet van Hout (1957)


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Threads, rags and tissues, these combined are part of the installations and “paintings” by Seet van Hout. These works are far more complex than one would think when seen for the first time. Hard labour, sewing, broidering and painting the tissues that brought all together, make a new work of art. In many cases a very large work which needs enough space to be admired. Nature and abstract forms are used for the composition and because of the method of “contruction” it must take some time before the work is finished. I noticed that her works are in the largest public and corporate collections, but because of theiir size you seldom come accross one which is for show…. a pity because thes colorful works must be admired by many than the occasional spectator.


Public collections

Achmea Kunstcollectie, Zeist/NL
Aegon, Den Haag/NL
Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam/NL
Bibliotheca Alexandria/EG
Brecht collection
CODA, Apeldoorn/NL
Collection Rabobank/NL
European Patent Office, Den Haag/NL
Gelderland Art Collection/NL
Hogeschool Windesheim, Zwolle/NL
Ministerie van Buitenlandse zaken, Den Haag/NL
MS Eurodam, Holland America Line
Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen/NL
Museum of the Kyoto Institute of Technology/JP
Nederlanse Waterschapsbank, Den Haag/NL
NOG collection / SNS Reaal Fonds/NL
Provincie Gelderland, Amhem/NL
Sanders collection/NL
Sparkasse Emmerich/DE
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam/NL
Stichting Pensionenfonds huisartsen, Utrecht/NL
Theodoor Gilissen Bank, Amsterdam/NL
UMC collection Utrecht/NL
Universiteit Twente, Enschede/NL
Waterschap Vechtstromen, Almelo/NL

seet van hout

the above title is available at

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Moki Last (1955)

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Intriguing , that is how i would describe the works by Moki Last. Over the years i have encountered her works at several places and her projects always intrigue and fascinate. On many occasions her ceramics are combined into a complex work of art . Always original in her approach Moki Last has build a name in the art world that crosses the borders of her hometown Den Haag finding her way into the art world and galleries of the Netherlands, Moki Last has become one of the well known artis names for ceramics in the Netherlands. has a signed publication from 2005 available.

moki last a


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Toon Michiels (1950-2015)

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Among the many many titles on art and design that i now have for sale. Quite a number is designed by Toon MIchiels, who was the ‘House” designer of the Avenue magazine. Beside his designs he was also known for his documentary photography, often combining both disciplines into a very personal publication His publication on a farmer couple in Brabant, ” ZELDZAME MENSEN”, was such a publ;ication . The publications got critical praise and the photographs reminded people of the farmer scenes they knew from the van Gogh paintings.

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The reason of this blog is the find of a very nice publication i found at the local bookmarket . It is the book published together weith the Toon Michiels exhibition at the  DE BEYERD museum in 1991, which is now for sale at

toon michiels


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Posters by Willem Sandberg and Wim Crouwel…part 10

This time a double bill of Renato Guttuso and Alan Davie. Two exhibions both held at the Stedelijk Museum at the end of 1962. It is rumored that this poster was designed by Sandberg , but the execution of it done by ten Have. Still i love this poster .. The red and green indicate the hand of Sandberg and the simplicity of it makes this a highly important historical poster for the Stedelijk Museum. Both poster and catalogues of the exhibitions are available at