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Here it is the announcement for FTN art. This is the page where works of art are being offered in the near future . These works come from my personal or the FTN books collection. All works are guaranteed originals and in most cases signed and dated by the artist. For inquiries do not hesitate to contact me at wvdelshout@ziggo.nl

item 3

ossip wordpress a

Artist/ Author: Ossip


Measurements: 36 x 32 x 16 cm

Condition: mint

a typical Ossip statue/sculpture, made out of paper, cardboard, chicken bones, black thread, brush hairs and bamboo sticks.

title: In Ten Natisimo!

year : 2007

price is : USD 995,–

worldwide shipping : USD 25.00

signed  “Ossip” on the base

ossip wordpress d


item 2

Here is the link for the blog i wrote on this beautiful and impressive Sandberg designed  special by Wessel Couzijn. It is now for sale at ftn-art


couzijn sand d

Artist/ Author: Wessel Couzijn

publisher W.A. Palm a La Haye

Text / Language:  french

Measurements: 22 x 17.1 inches.

Condition: mint for the prints, nm++ for the book

This is a rare publication from 1966. Published in a signed and numbered edition of 75 copies. . This no. 11

Book contains ( loose inserted ) 12 original prints at the inside and 1 on the cover by Wessel Couzijn.

10 prints measuring 20 x 15.7 inches

and 2 double prints measuring 40 x 15.7 inches

All prints are in MINT condition

price is : USD 2950,–

for more information please inquire




Today is another milestone for me as a book dealer in art books, because today i started on these pages ………FTN art

There will be irregular additions to this page, but all works depicted on these pages are for sale and guaranteed originals. The first original is a drawing/collage by Siep van den Berg who made this in 1979.



item 1

tekening/collage uit een serie constructivistische tekening/ Collage in blauw die Siep van den Berg heeft gemaakt op 16 augustus 1979 in Andelaroche ( Fr.) De tekening is eerst opgezet in balpen waarna er blauwe vlakken zijn bijgeplaatst ( of omgekeerd).
De tekening is gedateerd 16 9 79. Met notitie “Heleen Jarig Geweest” en signatuur in zwarte inkt …SvdB.

Kunstenaar : Siep van den Berg
titel: Heleen Jarig Geweest
techniek ; balpen en collage in blauw
afmetingen ; 27,7 x 20 cm.
gesigneerd : SvdB in zwarte inkt
gedateerd : 16 9 79
conditie : MINT-

price : euro 150,–

shipping Netherlands : euro 8,60

worldwide shipping costs: 11,95

berg heleen a