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Ex Libris

Because of the lockdown i had the time to describe and list some of my inventory which i bought , but never had the time for to research, photograph and list. Among them some small prints by Ru van Rossem and 5 series of Ex Libris with nude figures printed. Some are signed and numbered, but they have two things in common, nudes on the prints and excellent qualityfor all. These were made and used in the Fifties and Sixties . At that time books were enlightened with small graphics which were commissioned by the owner of the books.  Some excellent examples are now for sale at

erotic ex libris a

ex libris set c a


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Small graphic works by Ru van Rossem

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-15 om 12.14.20

It has been years since i bought this collection of small graphic works by Ru van Rossem.

Since lockdown i finally found the time to photogrph, describe and list these.

Personally i consider van Rossem equal to the best from his generation. In a style typical for the fifties and Sixties, he executes these littlle art works in a way nobody did in the Netherlands. Occasionally they pop up  at auctions , but this was a rare occasion i could buy a complete collection of over  50 of these little art works. Many dated and signed in pencil with a miniature signature these works belong to the best dutch graphic artists made in those decades. Some people say Escher was the greatest of them all, but in my personal opninion it think van Rossem was an even better artist. Escher was the craftsman, where van Rossem is the artist. These beautiful prints are now available at

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Elspeth Diederix (1971)


Schermafbeelding 2021-01-11 om 15.27.38

Elspeth Diedrix is born in Nairobi/Kenya. Her art is photography in which she places objects in strange and unexpected settings or a a simple object in a strange setting. Her ideas are not limited to her studio, but she invents and constructs her works everywhere. Her head is her studio, making her a conceptual artist “pur sang”. Het ideas are noted in her sketchbooks and at some other time executed in her studio. Photography is her preferred way of expressing herself. To experiment with photography is much easier and more real life.

diederix a

http://www.ftn-blog has a very nice work by Diederix available for sale. For more information inquire at

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Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst, 1986

year 1986

vrije foto 1986

from left to right: Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Michiel Duvekot, Steven Aalders, Bart Domburg, Diederick van Kleef, Gerard Kodde

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Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst, 1984

Year 1984

vrije foto 1984

From Left to right: Willem van Weelden, Conrad van de Ven, Bettie van Haaster, Beatrix, Erik Pott, F.M. Hutchison, Guus Koenraads

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Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst, 1983

Year 1983

vrije foto 1983


from left to right: Helma Pantus, FF. Beckmans, Peter Klashorst, Beatrix, Jos van Merendonk, han Schuil, Marien Schouten

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Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst, 1982

Year 1982

vrije foto 1982

One of my favorit years with Maarten Ploef and Joris Geurts.

from left to right: Jos Boomkamp, Maarten Ploeg, Arja van den Berg, Nies Vooijs, beatrix, Kees de Goede, Joris Geurts

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Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst, 1981

Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkunst, 1981

from most of these artist has titles available

vrije foto 1981

from left to right:

Henk van Woerden, Emo Verkerk, Ansuya Blom, (Beatrix/Claus )Jan Commandeur, Ernst Blok, Peter Kenniphaas

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Piet Dirkx…the new acquisition “l’Idee”

This is what if ound on this 1991 Piet Dirkx. Signed by Piet and titled “l’idee”.

This work belonged for a long time to the collection of Otto Schaap, who purchaseed it at Galerie Loerakker around 1991. It was part of this collection for nearly 3 decades and now it has found a new home in our collection. This is what we had when unpacked.


and this is the complete work presented on two nails as indicated by Piet. 51 cm apart, with the yellow “sandwich” on the right.

dirkx idee a

and here it is between some other works by Piet Dirkx.

dirkx idee c

for those interested in Piet Dirkx , please note that publications, cigar boxes and paintings are for sale. Please inquire at


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Mark Manders (1968)

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-06 om 14.05.41

Just to illustrate the work by Mark Manders here follows a text he wrote in 1994.

The Absence of Mark Manders

Under a table you have the possibility to test your own absence. The realization that life is taking its course, even without you, is an intense human experience; it shows the finiteness of personality. Mark Manders has inhabited his self-portrait since 1986. This building can expand or shrink at any moment. In this building all words created by mankind are on hand. The building arises, like words, out of interaction with life and things.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-06 om 14.10.26

The thoughts that surround him in his building are, materialized or not, always important and never gratuitous. ‘When years ago I went for a walk, I would walk through streets where sometimes a clothespeg would be lying, or, when I entered a place, there would be a table with, for instance, a telephone and an empty vase, briefly I would find myself in a world that I hadn’t determined myself. I decided to build a building next to that world, or rather, in that world. A building which was dominated by a changing arrest, where and through which I would be confronted continuously with my choice, the choice of Mark Manders.’ Mark Manders considers the world surrounding his building as an evolved organism that has been constructed from so-called semi-truths. These fall as some loose atom-truths in a kind of ‘encyclopaedia basement’, a space of about four by five metres, around which he constructs his building. Herewith, Mark Manders places his self-portrait as a building actually between two world views: the world as constructed from atom-like semi-truths and the one in which these truths are accepted as facts. Often, we are not afraid in our materialized projection, the world itself has been confided to us. I remember how we determined our first priority roads and that diviners (reading the future in liver) indicated the place of the city. Walking through my building, I get confronted everywhere with deep arrest, it is terrific, the things over here surmount my momentaneous thinking and are familiar to me, I never get bored.

Mark Manders, 1994 has some nice Mark Manders publications available