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Black Friday weekend & Cyber Monday

About 10 years ago we/ I (in the Nethrelands )did not know about BLACK FRIDAY and its discounts, but since that time BLACK FRIDAY discounts have become established over here too.

The problem is that discounts are only given in the 4 days of the BF weekend, but i will change this al little bit.

+ a discount of 10% will be applicable until December 1st, 2024.

At you will receive not only a 10% discount when you order from Friday 24th of November 00.01 hrs until Monday the 27th 23.59 hrs. a minimum of USD 100,– ( excluding postage).

Order over USD 100,– and use BF2310 to receive this immediate discount during the Black Friday weekend

After i have packed and sent your order you will receive a personal discount code by email which will be valid for ALL your purchases at until the 1st of December 2024

This makes your order during the BF weekend much more attractive. Enjoy your shopping at

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Alex van Warmerdam (1952)

Alex van Warmerdam (born in 1952) pursued his education at the Graphic School and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. He is currently engaged in the fields of scriptwriting, acting, design, and directing for both theater and film. His notable achievements include winning the Golden Calf for Best Director twice, for Abel (1986) and The Northerners (1992), and the Golden Calf for Best Screenplay thrice, for Ober (2006), The Last Days of Emma Blank (2009), and Borgman (2013). Additionally, he has received numerous awards at international film festivals. In 2016, Alex, along with his brother Marc, was honored with the Golden Calf for Film Culture.

Regarding his directorial work in film and theater, van Warmerdam has established a strong international reputation. However, it is less well-known that he is also a fantastic all-round artist. is now offering the monograph from 2010 that was published in conjunction with the exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

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(Guillermo) MORDILLO (1932)

Raised in Villa Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, Mordillo enjoyed his early years as the son of Spanish parents and developed a passion for drawing. In pursuit of his artistic aspirations, he acquired the title of Illustrator from the School of Journalism in 1948. Working with the animation team Burone Bruch, Mordillo beautifully brought to life classic children’s stories such as Perrault Tales, Schmid Tales, The Musicians of Bremen, and The Three Little Pigs, which were published by Codex. In 1952, Galas Studios was founded by Mordillo and his colleagues, focusing on animation production. Simultaneously, Mordillo pursued a promising career as an illustrator, making contributions to local magazines.

On the 7th of November, 1955, Mordillo embarked on an adventure to Lima, Peru, where he found himself employed as a freelance designer for the reputable advertising company McCann Erickson. In 1958, his skills in illustration were showcased in Aesop’s Fables and Samaniego for Editorial Iberia Lima.

After completing greeting-card illustrations for Hallmark Cards, a renowned company based in Kansas City, Mordillo set off to the United States in 1960, joining the esteemed Paramount Pictures Studios in New York. A significant milestone in his career was his involvement in the creation of two iconic characters, Popeye and Little Lulu, for a film performance. Additionally, he conceived two characters for the short film Trick for Tree.

Three years passed, and on the 20th of August, 1963, Mordillo experienced another transformative turn of events. This time, he embarked on a European journey, eventually arriving in Paris on the 19th of September. Initially, Mordillo found himself contributing humorous letters to Mic-Max Edition. In July 1966, he began collaborating with Le Pelerin magazine, followed shortly by Paris Match. By 1968, Mordillo’s work was gaining recognition around the globe, particularly in Germany’s Stern magazine. It was in Paris that he met his wife, Amparo Camarasa, and together, they tied the knot in 1969. This union blessed them with two children: Sebastian Jerome in 1970 and Cecile Isabelle in 1972.

In 1980, Mordillo relocated to Mallorca, Spain, where he assumed the role of President for the International Association of Authors of Comics and Cartoons (CFIA), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. After spending 18 fruitful years in Spain, Mordillo returned to France in 1998. The subsequent year saw him participate in the esteemed Creative Workshop Zermatt in Switzerland.

In 2007, Mordillo delved into new artistic endeavors, experimenting with various materials such as acrylics, pastels, and crayons. The subsequent year, in collaboration with Art Petrus, Mordillo masterfully reproduced his artwork with astounding detail. During the same year, he released the Mordillo Collection, a numbered and autographed publication available on the internet. has the 1974 Stalling publication by Mordillo available.

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A Willem Sandberg Xmas card

I found this picture at the Herb Lubalin center who has this in its collection. A very nice and typical Willem Sandberg card to wish you a Merry Christmas in 1958.

Schermafbeelding 2020-09-01 om 16.58.31

an old wish, but a new one from me….. a Merry Christmas 2021


Many Sandberg and Lubalin items are available at

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Joost Swarte and HUMO (continued)

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-07 om 13.54.51

Joost Swarte has been drawinh and designing covers for well repected magazines for over four decades now. Drawing covers for Vrij Nederland, The New Yorker, Raw magazine and many more, but one contribution which has been continuing for over 30 years now,stands out and is for the Flemish magazine HUMO.

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-07 om 13.56.09

He made dozens and dozens of covers over the years and many of these were published in small portfolio’s. A collection well worth starting now. has the portfolio “TWEE POLEN” now available. A beautiful start or addition for your Joost Swarte collection.

swarte polen a

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Geurt van Dijk (1941)

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-19 om 14.32.58

Maybe not as known as many of his contemporaries, but still known by those who specialize in small and scarce publications. I stumbled upon van Dijk and his publications some 10 years ago when i discovered 2 small publications published by the Brummelse Uitgeverij voort luxe werkjes. Both titled ” VARKENSLAPPEN ” but with a difference.

varkenslappen cards ba

One published as a small book. the other in an envelope containig the illustrations as postcards. I tried to find moer information on bot of these publications , but only found that the van Dijk publications are publisehd in very small editrions of around 30 copies.

Both are published by the BRUMMELSE UITGEVERIJ VOOR LUXE WERKJES in 1977 and both are now for sale at

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Ørnulf Ranheimsæter (1909-2007)

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-08 om 11.27.31

Ørnulf Ranheimsæter was a Norwegian illustrator, graphical artist and essayist.

He was born in Skien, and educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry, where he also later worked as instructor and eventually professor. He is known for his many book designs, and received the Bokkunstprisen award in 1967 and 1987. He was awarded the Fritt Ord Honorary Award in 1998.

gullberg f
Why this rather obscure , lesser know Norwegian artist?.

The best reason is he illustrated DEN HELIGE NATTEN by Hjalmar Gullberg.  A short story on the Holy Night ( containing 4 original prints). The most appropriate story for today. ( the book is available at

Merry Christmas!



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the 500 first Stedelijk Museum publications…A very important list

Schermafbeelding 2020-07-24 om 15.06.36

Last Thursday i encountered finally one of the list I was hoping to find for a long time. The list is made in the beginning of the Eighties when interest rose in acquiring and collecting the Stedelijk Museum publications. Since the start in the Mid ’30s from last century, over 1100 publications have been published by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and this list contains the numbers and titles of the first 500 numbered publications. Willem Sandberg, Piet Zwart and Wim Crouwel, 3 of the greatest of Dutch designers all can be found on this list and i noticed of the 500 titles on it I have over 400 currently available at

Beside the one on the list, there are of course many others published by the Stedelijk Museum FTN books has available. Take a look, save and share this very important document. the list is in PDF format and can be downloaded with the link below:

sm lijst 1 tm 500



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the final … Piet Dirkx weekly

This is the last of the “Piet Dirkx weekly” . After i had finished the cigarboxes 2 years ago and now the series publishing almost 80 Piet Dirkx weekly’s . This series has now come to an end.

Small, important, rare kinds of Piet Dirkx publications and collectibles have come along. Does this mean that there will no longer be any Piet Dirkx publications/ blogs anymore? Certainly not….. i will be preparing in the next months the material for another 60+ works by Piet Dirkx and will publish these in a “PIET DIRKX MONTHLY”.

For now i have decided this beautiful and cherished 2009 New Years wish by Piet Dirkx to conclude this series. It is a pencil and watercolor drawing. Signed  and colored by Piet.

measures 14 x 9 cm.

dirkx nieuwjaar mond

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New Business Card FTN books & Art

visitekaartje ftn

Some recent changes made it necessary to translate these changes into a new business card. The most important one being two new email addresses. One personal one and the other for the FTN books & Art contacts. So here is all the new business information to contact me and keep track of my activities, the daily blog and additions to my inventory.

Wilfried van den Elshout / FTN books

Veursestraatweg 106c

2265CG Leidschendam,  the Netherlands

new email :

new email :