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Harry Buckinx (1944-1995)

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Harry Buckinx is one of the leading comic book artist from the late Sixties /early Seventies. Together with Joost Swarte he is responsisible for developing Comic art into a mature form of contemposrary art. here is what the Lambiek site tells about the artist.

Harry Buckinx was a Dutch underground artist, best known for his contributions to Hitweek and Tante Leny Presenteert. Born in Geleen, Buckinx attended the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht and at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. His career took off when his drawings were published in the Dutch magazine Hitweek in 1968, and in Aloha in 1971-72.

Titula by Harry Buckinx

He was present in Evert Geradts‘ underground magazine Tante Leny Presenteert from the start in 1970. Together with Marc Smeets, he formed the Limburg delegation of the magazine. Buckinx created surreal stories about the world he knew, that of art dealing, nightlife and difficult relations with lovers. His main characters were ‘Titul’ and ‘Titula’. ‘Titula’ was also present in Aloha from 1972.

comic art by Harry Buckinx

Between 1972 and 1974 Buckinx drew the comic ‘De Familie Aepebroeck’ for the VPRO magazine Vrije Geluiden. The comic deals with the chaotic and intimate escapades of the Bertus and Truus Aepebroeck and gives a good portrait of Holland in the 1960s and 1970s. Harry Buckinx was one of the artists involved in the ‘Toon en Toos Brodeloos’ strip, which a team of seven artists produced in 1976 for VPRO-Gids, the magazine of broadcasting company VPRO. Each episode was a satirical story about one of the Dutch broadcasting companies, drawn by a different artist. Buckinx did the one about VPRO, while the other artists were Joost Swarte (AVRO), Evert Geradts (KRO), Joost Troost (EO), Rob Gorter (NCRV), Aart Clerkx (VARA) and Fred Julsing (TROS). The stories were collected in a book by Har van Fulpen’s Drukwerk in 1976. has one Buckinx title available.


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Joost Swarte and HUMO (continued)

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Joost Swarte has been drawinh and designing covers for well repected magazines for over four decades now. Drawing covers for Vrij Nederland, The New Yorker, Raw magazine and many more, but one contribution which has been continuing for over 30 years now,stands out and is for the Flemish magazine HUMO.

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He made dozens and dozens of covers over the years and many of these were published in small portfolio’s. A collection well worth starting now. has the portfolio “TWEE POLEN” now available. A beautiful start or addition for your Joost Swarte collection.

swarte polen a

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Joost Swarte and THE ROUSERS, 1980


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There has always been a warm relationship between Joost Swarte and music in general. The result album covers, cd covers and cd specials which were published over the last 40 years . One of the earliest albums  Swarte designed was the THE ROUSERS album from 1980. The band is forgotten, but the album has one of the strongest covers i remember from the Eighties. Both sides of the cover look the same but there are differences between them. The perspective and timeframe are different making this a look into a scene …just seconds apart. Everything was designed by Swarte. Cover, Lettering and album labels all Swarte design making this one of the scarcest and certainly most collectable Swarte items i remember. The album is available at

rousers swarte a

rousers swarte b

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Joost Swarte …. a collectable cover (continued)

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Two years ago i received a Xmas present from wife. It was the book on the covers Joost Swarte made for the ” THE NEW YORKER ” , beautiful and highly original, typical Joost Swarte covers. SOme 100 pages filled with his covers. NOwe i have found on the bookmarket an original THE NEW YORKER with a Swarte cover. It is the June 9 &16 , 2014 issue. One of my personal favorites. It is now for sale at

Swarte New yorker

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Joost Swarte (continued)

The year is 1987 and PLaisier in Bruxelles published the niow much sought after series DILEMMA by Joost Swarte. The series was 10 postcards, which showed a “real life” dilemma. I do not have the complete series , but the onse i have i will show you with the text and series number .

1.swarte dilemma h card 6, ” You have gotten a girlfriend pregnant. Do you tell your wife?


swarte dilemma dcard 4, ” You find that your wife is having an affair. Would this be a reason for you to send her away?

3.swarte dilemma g

card 5, “You hear your neighbour beating his wife. Do you call the police?

4.swarte dilemma f

card10, ” Your Friend is constantly suffering from a bad breath. Do you tell him?

swarte dilemma c

These cards from this series are on request available . please inquire at

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Tante Leny ( from 1971-2000 )

tante leny 26 a

In total 26 volumes within the series were published over nearly 30 years.

This ante Leny magazine was first published in 1971 modelled after the great american underground like  ZAP and YELLOW DOG .

The dutch youth and music magazine Aloha had its own group of illustratores who regularly were invited to illustrate in Aloha. These artist were among the best and most controversial in the Netherlands and include Joost Swarte, Ever  Meulen and from later on Peter Pontiac.

They were invited to participate with a short comic in ethe first Tante Leny magazine. The initiatave was taken by Willem de Ridder and Ever Geradt , who would contribute to all volumes within the series. The series was at that time ” vanat garde” not only the subjects, but also their artistic approach in drawing text and size was completely new for the dutch readers. These series has become a classic in dutch comic art and was published irregularly until  2000 when the last number was published. This last number is something of  a special volume. It contains the very best comic artist who all had a complete free hand . The best story….one by Joost Swarte who’s main character Jopo de Pojo is strugling with a rubber condom. This latest number 26 of the Tante Leny series is now available at

tante leny 26 b



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De voorstelling begint op straat!

toneel affiches a

This has been one of the highlights from the past year. A book i did not know was published but a true treasure trove. The book dates back from 2001 and shows the history of 10 years of “Stage” posters. These are done by the very best of dutch (poster) designers. To name a few Anthon Beeke, Jan Bons, Joost Swarte, Lex Reitsma, Marten Jongema. A beautiful published book. BIS published these posters on a larger sized format. Giving these the best possible size in a still reasonably sized book . The book contains the very best of 10 years of posters starting in 1991 and ending in 2001. This book is now in my personal book case and i am glad to give this a place in my personal collection until it sells…..i love it!

toneel affiches d


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Joost Swarte and Vienna Moderne

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Today was book market day and i went to the stalls at the local book market. I am always looking for the thin little books and this is one of the titles i found today. I went through a stack of books and there this book was. At first I thought it was a JOOST SWARTE  cover, but studying it more closely i noticed that this could not have been done by Swarte , since the book was published in 1979 and the drawing done by Rudolf Tropsch in 1901.

iI always have admired Joost Swarte for the way he set up his drawings and how he has done his research, but the drawings by Tropsch show that some 80 years earlier other artists had the same approach to their subjects. The book on Vienna Moderne is now available at

vienna moderne a

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Joost Swarte (1947) pins.

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I do not exactly know how many pins by Joost Swarte there have been published during the last 35 years or so, but i have counted 25 of which the most part can be found on Google . These pins are among the very best small collectibles there are. Most of them were published by HET RAADSEL in the early Nineties, but others were published on the occasion of an event  (Film Festival) or commissioned by a large corporation for their museum store (PTT museum). This is a world of small collectibles by Joost Swarte which has not been explored that much. The number of pins published can be overseen and prices are still fair , although rising quickly after recent auctions of these small objects. has 2 collectable Joost swarte designed pins available.

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Ana Juan (1961)

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A combination of illustration and serious art is the art by Ana Juan. I stumbled upon her works some 20 years ago when within the same series as


Joost Swarte’s Articulado was published, a beautiful book by Ana Juan was published.


The book also with a thin wood cover impressed me so much that from that date on i followed her progression in art.

A second copy of the book is now available at and you can see for yourself why i was so impressed , because the internet site at :

is well worth visiting. Here is the information Wikipedia has on her

After graduating in fine arts from Universidad Politécnica in Valencia (1982), she moved to Madrid at the height of the movida madrileña and in the early 1980s she collaborated with magazines such as La Luna and Madriz (where “for the first seven months of the magazine’s life, [she] was the only regular female artist” and for which “she authored seventeen comic book works” and illustrated many scripts for other artists).

In 1991 she temporarily moved to Paris and exhibited in Geneva and New York; in 1994 she received a fellowship by the Japanese publishing house Kodansha and lived in Japan for three months.

Back in Madrid, in 1995 she started contributing to The New Yorker, for which she has designed more than 20 covers over the years,[3] among which “Solidarité”, after the Charlie Hébdo shooting in Paris.

In 1998 and 1999 she was awarded the Gold Medal (category: Illustration) by the Society of Newspaper Design and on September 24, 2010 she was awarded the “Premio Nacional de Ilustración” by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

She currently creates her own books (texts and illustrations), exhibits her work all over the world (Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy…) and contributes to many Spanish and international magazines. She has also illustrated many Isabel Allende’s book covers for Plaza e Janés (Penguin Random House), among which Retrato en Sepia, Eva Luna, El cuaderno de Maya, Of Love and Shadows, and is one of the very few artists who was allowed by the author himself to illustrate a book by Stephen King, namely The Man in the Black Suit (El hombre del traje negro, Nórdica Libros, 2017).