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Jan Hendrix (1949)

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This is the other Jan Hendrix. A contemporary of Jan Hendriks, but one that works from outside the Netherlands too and has a studio in Mexico. This land and its culture has a direct influence on his works. Hendrix is inspired by nature and this shows in practically all his works. The reason for this second blog on a “HENDRIX/HENDRIKS” is the catalogue i recently acquired . It is a galeria de arte Mexicano publication from 1980 in which series of polaroids are combined into some great works of art…..the subject….nature of cours and because i myself like the MOLESKINE notebooks i included a nice video of Hendrix and his use of the Moleskine’s


hendriks x

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Piet Klaase (continued)

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One of the first blogs i wrote was on Piet Klaasse. At that time i was under the impression that he only drew horses, but a publication a acquired recently opened my eyes. Beside many horse scenes, he draws people, musicians and landscapes. Specially the musician i appreciate. It is not my kind of art but you can see immediately that Klaasse is an accomplished artists and excels in his drawings. Full of mouvement and action they keep impressing.

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My first encounter with work by Piet Klaasse was the time i bought a book on music, illustrated by Piet Klaasse. It certainly was not my kind of art i was interested in, but later i saw the quality of his illustrations. Specially his drawings and paintings of horses are of a rare quality. I compared his work with Rien Poortvliet’s but where Poortvliet tells a story with his illustrations, Klaasse doesn’t. HIs works stand as individual works of art and each tell  a story of their own and are much more mature than those by Poortvliet. I will never buy a Klaasse for my collection but i know of people very much interested in his works. For those …know that has the famous PIET KLAASSE TEKENT PAARDEN in its inventory.

I have added the BEWEGING book by Klaase to my inventory now.

klaasse beweging

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Marleen Felius (1948)

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The subject…..COWS…. and cows only . All kinds of breeds are painted by Felius who has a career with painting cows of almost 50 years now.  The realistic subject was getting more attention in the mid Seventies after a period of only abstract art which was discussed and shown at the dutch galeries.

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The cow paintings by Felius have since been acquired by many public collections in the Netherlands and abroad. Every now and then a painting is offered at auction and bought at a fair price by admirers and art collectors. Among them:

Gemeente Museum het Catharina Gasthuis, Gouda
Gemeente Museum, Arnhem
Caldic Collection, Rotterdam
Hedendaagse Kunst, Utrecht
Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten
ING bank collectie
Friesland Bank, Leeuwarden
Lagoa ltd, São Paulo, Brazilië

Take a look at her internet site and see a very nice collections of her paintings ( some are for sale) and for the book published by MSSET….it is now available at


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Martin van Vreden (1952)

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Active as an artist , mainly painting, van Vreden has not become the household name in dutch modern art as expected . There is a very long list of exhibitions and through the years i started to admire his works.

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His paintings are timeless and in many cases inspired by nature and flowers. They are to be found in sometimes vague, but almost abstract compositions. According to the information on the internet he stopped painting in 2013 and started his own gallery (, but this does not mean that his paintings are no longer of interest. As said they are timeless and well worth to look for at auctions and internet sales. has the van Vreden book WORKS 1990-1993 for sale.

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Jan Commandeur (1954)

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Another painter from my generation is Jan Commandeur. Abstract lyrical work which is rooted in nature. Shadows and spots of light play with each other on his canvasses. Bright and dark places are depicted, but combined in an abstract way making the paintings related to nature, but purely abstract in its composition. A fascinating way of painting and because of their size very impressive.

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FTN books has a very nice designed catalogue on Commandeur available at

commandeur grijs

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Sjoerd Buisman (1948)

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Another artist that you learn to admire over time. I encountered Buisman and the work he made for the first time when he covered the sides of the pond of the Gemeentemuseum  with willow branches . I could not find a photograph of it , but the effect is like the project with the Museum in Assen where he build a structure with willow branches.

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The project in the beginning looked like nothing , but because i worked at the museum i could literally see the growing of the project. Leaves were sprouting and the branches became leaved branches over time forming new branches to the existing ones and in the end there was a solid flat hedge of green surrounding the left pond of the Gemeentemuseum. It was a little like magic and the only elements needed. branches, water and sun developing in something spectacular. This was the first reason to admire Buisman and since i am almost always impressed with his projects. Less with his sculptures, but that is personal.

There are 2 Buisman publications available at

the HollandseMeesters series presented Buisman in the Series.

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Gilbert & George …The Paintings, 1971


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If you ask me…what is the rarest of all Stedelijk Museum catalogues?…the answer probably will be the 1971 THE PAINTINGS catalogue by Gilbert & George, which is published with no. 511. It is only an 8 page catalogue, measuring 8.3 x 5.9 inches, but this one is really a rare collectable artist book. I finally found one for my inventory and it is now for sale at