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Sjoerd Buisman (1948)

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Another artist that you learn to admire over time. I encountered Buisman and the work he made for the first time when he covered the sides of the pond of the Gemeentemuseum  with willow branches . I could not find a photograph of it , but the effect is like the project with the Museum in Assen where he build a structure with willow branches.

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The project in the beginning looked like nothing , but because i worked at the museum i could literally see the growing of the project. Leaves were sprouting and the branches became leaved branches over time forming new branches to the existing ones and in the end there was a solid flat hedge of green surrounding the left pond of the Gemeentemuseum. It was a little like magic and the only elements needed. branches, water and sun developing in something spectacular. This was the first reason to admire Buisman and since i am almost always impressed with his projects. Less with his sculptures, but that is personal.

There are 2 Buisman publications available at

the HollandseMeesters series presented Buisman in the Series.

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