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Marleen Felius (1948)

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The subject…..COWS…. and cows only . All kinds of breeds are painted by Felius who has a career with painting cows of almost 50 years now.  The realistic subject was getting more attention in the mid Seventies after a period of only abstract art which was discussed and shown at the dutch galeries.

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The cow paintings by Felius have since been acquired by many public collections in the Netherlands and abroad. Every now and then a painting is offered at auction and bought at a fair price by admirers and art collectors. Among them:

Gemeente Museum het Catharina Gasthuis, Gouda
Gemeente Museum, Arnhem
Caldic Collection, Rotterdam
Hedendaagse Kunst, Utrecht
Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten
ING bank collectie
Friesland Bank, Leeuwarden
Lagoa ltd, São Paulo, Brazilië

Take a look at her internet site and see a very nice collections of her paintings ( some are for sale) and for the book published by MSSET….it is now available at


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