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Piet Klaase (continued)

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One of the first blogs i wrote was on Piet Klaasse. At that time i was under the impression that he only drew horses, but a publication a acquired recently opened my eyes. Beside many horse scenes, he draws people, musicians and landscapes. Specially the musician i appreciate. It is not my kind of art but you can see immediately that Klaasse is an accomplished artists and excels in his drawings. Full of mouvement and action they keep impressing.

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My first encounter with work by Piet Klaasse was the time i bought a book on music, illustrated by Piet Klaasse. It certainly was not my kind of art i was interested in, but later i saw the quality of his illustrations. Specially his drawings and paintings of horses are of a rare quality. I compared his work with Rien Poortvliet’s but where Poortvliet tells a story with his illustrations, Klaasse doesn’t. HIs works stand as individual works of art and each tell  a story of their own and are much more mature than those by Poortvliet. I will never buy a Klaasse for my collection but i know of people very much interested in his works. For those …know that has the famous PIET KLAASSE TEKENT PAARDEN in its inventory.

I have added the BEWEGING book by Klaase to my inventory now.

klaasse beweging