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Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)

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The people who know my taste in art , know also that i am not the greatest fan of Rembrandt his painting.

Technically Rembrandt belonged to the avantgarde of his age, but emotionally he never hit the right spot with me. Still there is one exception for Rembrandt as an artist, ….i admire his etchings. And this is feeling is emphasized since i recently acquired a book totally devoted to his erotic etchings.

rembrandt ertoiques

A french publication from 1978 which is according to my knowledge complete. The etchings are depiceted 1:1 and show exactly why I consider Rembrandt a great etcher. The only diappoint is that pubication is not a facsimile one, but i can still highly recommend it. Other titles on Rembrandt available at


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Classic catalogues part 1 …..Picasso

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The second day for the extra focus on the classics within the inventory of

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This time it is Picasso. Although i personally am not a great fan of Picasso, there are so many others that admire this Spanish artist and for them …take notice that this is the last day that the discount code is valid. Not only the many publicatons on Picasso are sold with a discount of 10%, but all publications and specials within the inventory go with a discount.

use : CLASSIC10 at your checkout and receive the discount.


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Herb Ritts (1952-2002)…not only a celebrity photographer

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You possibly know the name Herb Ritts from his many celebrity photographs he has made through the years, but if the name does not ring a bell immediately…just have a look at his site. and you will recognize so many known faces. You will find Gwen Stefani, but also Ronald Reagan ao.

But beside these portrait photographs, Ritts has made so many iconic stylized staged photographs in which he plays a game with shadows and light that makes him stand out from all the others from his generation. I strongly recommend you to visit the Herb Ritts site because you will discover so many great photographs over there and have fun with all the short (commercial) movies of there. Here is one as a preview

and please take notice that there are a few Ritts titles available at www.ftn-books.comHerb Ritts was HIV positve and died of complications from pneumonia at the age of 50.


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Anton Martineau (1926-2017)

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Yesterday, AntonMartineau died. He proclaimed himself the last of a great generation , together with Appel and Lucebert ( personal friends) he became known as an abstract painter, but never belonged to the Cobra movement. Born in the middle of the Red Light district in Amsterdam  a fortuneteller told him in his early youth that he would become a painter and a writer. He studied with one of the great designers in these days Paul Schuitema and was successful both as a painter and a writer. has only one title of this fascinating artist available , but it is an important one. It contains both poetry and drawings by this great dutch artist.


The little documentary on Youtube is in dutch , but shows what a wonderful and colorful Martineau was

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Jules Pascin and Montparnasse

First of all there are not many titles available on Jules Pascin at, or any other site, because only a few titles were published over the years,  but that does not mean i do not like the works by this artist, who lived part of his life in Paris and belonged to the Montparnasse artist circle.

Jules Pascin, or the “Prince of Montparnasse, was a Bulgarian artist known for his paintings and drawings. He later became an American citizen. His most frequent subject was women, depicted in casual poses, usually nude or partly dressed.

Pascin was educated in Vienna and Munich. He traveled for a time in the United States, spending most of his time in the South. He is best known as a Parisian painter, who is associated with the artistic circles of Montparnasse and was one of the emigres of the School of Paris. Having struggled with depression and alcoholism, he committed suicide at the age of 45.

His works range from highly realistic, raw portraits to society portraits for the nouveau riche and  in between many beautiful women.

Highly  recognizable, erotic and typically Pascin


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Lucien Clergue….a photograph


A few days ago i wrote about ARTA . A small gallery in Den Haag in which they sold editions by graphic artists. Immediately i remembered the Lucien Clergue photo i bought with them. At one time they had a small number of photographs from an edition by Lucien Clergue…. a naked woman … in the Mediterranean sea. A very beautiful body which attracted me, not only because it was one of the first nude photographs that was offered to me , but also because of its quality. At that time i even had no idea that photographs were printed in editions too, but looking at the back of the photo and seeing the stamp, signature and edition number i realized that this was the reason it was so affordable. It was one of the great purchases as a collector, because now these photographs are worth 200 times as much and are collected by photography collectors all over the world.

Lucien Clergue (1934-2014) proved to be one of the greats in photography from the last century and this sereis of naked women in the sea are among his best. . I still cherish this photo and even remember that i picked the perfect copy for my collection. There is no place for it anymore to hang it on the wall , so now and then i think about the selling it and maybe in the future i decide to do so.

SInce i am a full time antiquarian bookseller i regularly encounter Lucien Clergue publications and put them up for sale at and on each such occasion i remember this beauty in the sea by Lucien Clergue.

There is a great selection of photographs still available at, but the one  i have in mycollection i did not encounter anywhere on the web.So this is to share it with you .