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Ossip (continued)

Ossip in his studio

When you follow an artist over a long periodof time, you have knowledge of the development of his art. First there were the less complicated 2-dimensional works, these were followed by 3 dimensional ones and later these 3 dimensional works were executed as mobiles with some even have complicated movements. My personal favorites are the ones that have images in 2 dimensions and were altered and worked over into an object/work typical for and recognizable as a work by OSSIP. I have been able to buy one of these works from his earlier years at auction. It is a work from 2003 on which a woman is depicted crouching in which the figure has cracks all over, making this , beside the crouching stand, fascinating . has some art and books on Ossip available.

Ossip Hurk vrouw, 2003, signed/dated
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Dario Villalba (1939-2018)

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-28 om 12.05.55

This is the kind of art i admire. It sets you “off balance” . I have the saem experience with the works by Ossip who i consider one of the best and most oroginal artists in the Netehrlands. Villalba is spanish and walks the same path.

because Graduated in Fine Arts and member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. In 1958 he moved to Paris and painted for a few months in André Lhote’s studio. In 1962 he obtained a scholarship to study at Harvard University.

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-28 om 12.05.21

Since the mid-sixties, he dealt with the problems of the latest artistic movements from a personal and original perspective, using photography as a means of painting. In 1970 he obtained the first major recognition of his work, after the presentation at the XXXV Venice Biennale of the so called pink encapsulated. In 1973 he received the International Painting Prize at the XII Biennial of São Paulo.

In the same decade he exhibited in major European museums: Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Heidelberg Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Louisiana Museum, Humlebaek, Denmark, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Stadt Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Sonja Henie-Niels Onstand Foundation, Hovikooden, Norway.

In 1983 he received the National Painting Prize in Spain. During this period he participated in solo and group exhibitions in the USA: at Charles Cowles Gallery in 1982, at the Guggenheim in 1980, New Images from Spain, in 1983, Acquisition Priorities: Aspects of Postwar Painting in America. Recent European Painting and at the MOMA in 1984, An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture. In 1987 he took part in the exhibition Cinq siècles d’Art Espagnol: l’imagination nouvelle. Les années 70-80 at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

In 1994 the Valencian Institute of Modern Art organised an anthological exhibition of his work, which was later presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

On 17 November 2002 he became a member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In 2003 he received the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts in Granada. has 2 Villalba publications available.

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Ossip ( continued) …Twee Heren, 1989

Last week..the chance to add to the FTN art collection an early Ossip. It is the 1989, TWEE HEREN. A large photoprint of 2 Gentleman. One clearly visible, standing proud,  enhanced with many drops of wax and the other, the same figure less confident ….just a shadow, filled in with black sand and a thin contoured line done in pencil. The borders….newspaper clippings and red tiled paper. A great and classic  large OSSIP ( 166 x 107 cm.). which is now available at (the FTN art section).

ossip twee heren a.jpg

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Ossip ( 1952 )….continued

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Readers of this blog know of my admiration for Ossip. It started when i first saw one of his small figures at the Artoteek and wanted to own it for my collection. Far too expensive it was, but when i left the Gemeentemuseum and started FTN books. The museum and my colleagues presented me with the same sculpture i had seen at the Artoteek. It sparked the interest in Ossip and his art and since i have visited numerous times his studio and made frequent purchases.

ossip prive

Ossip name was becoming more and more familiar among collectors and it meant that prices for his works were on the rise.

But in a period of over 15 years i have bought frequently and managed to collect some very nice works through galleries and auctions. It is time to contact him once again and see for myself what kind of works he is making this time, because every time i visit his studio he amazes me with the progress and inventions he makes with his figures and mobiles. Some very nice Ossip publications are available at

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New OSSIP from 1978 for FTN-art

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Recently i acquired a highly important early Ossip (Snoek) work for my collection. The work is titled Cirkel 1 from 1978 and consists of multiple layers of papers ( including musical notes in the corners) and it shows the very early beginnings of his search for the ultimate work by Ossip. It has everything. Composition, technique, mouvement, color and this typical use of multiple layers of paper, making this an important and valuable Ossip. Cirkel 1 is now for sale at the art section of this blog.

ossip vroeg snede

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OSSIP (1952)…. a documentary

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Just because personally i think that Ossip is one of the most important contemporary artists in the Netherlands and because he has an exhibition currently at galerie Ramakers, i want to share the documentary that was broadcasted yesterday on dutch television. It shows  Ossip (Snoeck) and his father Jan Snoeck at work in their studios. They both have a very personal and authentic approach to their art and the universe Ossip creates and has created with his “sculptures”

is one of a kind. here is the link and ….enjoy. has on both artists publications available

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A new OSSIP addition from 2003.

Schermafbeelding 2018-07-06 om 15.40.41
Ossip / JONGEN, 2003

Just take a look and see that i added this beautiful hypnotizing Ossip to FTN collection about 2 months ago at It comes from the the Vescom collection . A collection which was created over the last 3 decades and was sold at auction in Amsterdam. I was lucky to buy this “JONGEN” by Ossip together with 2 works by Joris Geurts ( in another blog later). This “Jongen” is one of the more “static” works . It has the same qualities as the works he presented in his exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag . Most of the works i know of have moving parts but this late Nineties /early 2000 work was made when composition and image were the typical Ossip elements within a work of art. I know that there exists also a larger version of ” JONGEN” which is depicted in the Ossip monograph , but this version measures 112 x 89 cm. and is signed and dated Ossip, 23-11-2003 and now available at

at :

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Ossip, Winter and Chezhin

There different artists, 3 different backgrounds, 3 different era’s, but somehow their works have a resemblance with each other. The source is with all three an old photographs, which is worked over in a way the scene becomes surreal.

Above are some of the examples i found in my inventory of , which has pubications of all three artists available.

From left to right: Ossip, Julie Winter and right Chezhin.

Chronologically and artistically there is for me no doubt who is the most original of these three……by far it is my friend OSSIP, who’s art is still developing . His “sculptures”are literally on the move nowadays.


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Ossip for sale … IN TEN NATISIMO ! / 2007

ossip wordpress e

Today added item no. 3 to FTN art. It is the statue by Ossip from 2007

In Ten Natisimo!

PLease take a look at this typical Ossip work.

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Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967)

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Ossip Zadkine is perhaps one of the most famous artists in the Netherlands without people knowing him by name. Zadkine made the sculpture ” DE VERWOESTE STAD” which symbolizes the destruction of the heart of Rotterdam after the bombardment of it in the early stages of WWII ( 14 mei, 1940) .

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-14 om 13.27.57

The sculpture was revealed in 1953 and financed by DE BIJENKORF on the condition that it always must be on the same spot within the centre. The human figure has a hole where the heart should be making it the perfect image for a destroyed city centre.

Since the revealing of this statue  Ossip Zadkine received on several occasions exhibitions of his works in the large museums in the Netherlands , but for many his claim to fame here is this ” DE VERWOESTE STAD”

There are some nice publications on Zadkine available at