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Ossip (continued)

Ossip in his studio

When you follow an artist over a long periodof time, you have knowledge of the development of his art. First there were the less complicated 2-dimensional works, these were followed by 3 dimensional ones and later these 3 dimensional works were executed as mobiles with some even have complicated movements. My personal favorites are the ones that have images in 2 dimensions and were altered and worked over into an object/work typical for and recognizable as a work by OSSIP. I have been able to buy one of these works from his earlier years at auction. It is a work from 2003 on which a woman is depicted crouching in which the figure has cracks all over, making this , beside the crouching stand, fascinating . has some art and books on Ossip available.

Ossip Hurk vrouw, 2003, signed/dated

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