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Ton Boelhouwer (1960)

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Ton Boelhouwer makes no paintings, but still he paints. His objects in a room can not be looked at but must be experienced by entering them and walking along the multi colored objects. This way experiencing the room in a completely different way. His “paintings” can be walked in. The book i have for sale ( by Hans Janssen ) shows this in a splendid way. It is available at

This approach of painting was a few years ago presented at the Bonnefanten Museum and the Gemeentemuseum where he presented his paintings.  The Bonnefanten made a nice introduction with Boelhouwer showing sketches

boelhouwer folio

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Aline Thomassen (1964)

To my knowledge there are only 4 larger publications on Aline Thomassen

  • Mieren rennen onder mijn huid, Maurits van der Laar , 1999
  • The ideal Muslim woman, GEM, 2005
  • Corps fertiles, 2011
  • Cherchez la Femme, Bonnefanten museum, 2014.

It looks as only every 3 or 4 years a larger publication by Aline Thomassen is published

Her subjects in most of her paintings is the female figure and the powers that drive the women in the paintings/watercolors. These woman are unpolished, beautiful and at the same time vulnarable, but also in practically all works they look extremely strong.

The woman depicted are Moroccan woman and perhaps this is why these works intrigue so much. You know the subject looks different, the figure is not familiar nor is their pose. This makes the composition not like the ones of many of Thomassen her contemporaries. In this way Aline Thomassen her works have a signature of their own. Highly recognizable because of the use of her subjects, underlined with arab text and practically in every painting the use of a blood red color which emphasizes, without exception,  the dramatic compositions she realizes in her works.

Aline Thomassen is a great artist.



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Marien Schouten (1956)

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Two things i remember about Marien Schouten. First that i read an article on the artist ( Metropolis M??) and soon after that i visited the old Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht. The exhibition by Schouten i visited solely to see this work for myself and not a little picture in a book. I remember that these paintings were altered and reshaped with pieces of metal and i was very much impressed.

After this special exhibition i have encountered his works on several occasion, but none of these events had the same effect on me as the first Bonnefanten exhibition. At the time of the Bonnefantenmuseum i feld the urge to add, at one time ,  a work to my collection, but somehow over the years i lost this feeling. But who knows, ….perhaps a nice early painting by Schouten will appear at auction and i feel i must bid on it, because these early works are special and in my opinion belong to the very best art in the Netherlands from the Eighties. has some Marien Schouten catalogues available.




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Richard Artschwager (1924-2013)

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Richard Artschwager started working in the 1960s exclusively as a freelance artist, having completed a science degree and after many years as owner of a furniture workshop. His oeuvre encompassed many style directions: the reduced and clear forms of his objects and paintings reflect minimalism whilst his use of industrially made materials such as Resopal and Celotex take up an element of Pop Art, and his ‘Blps’ mechanisms deploy ideas of conceptual art.  This work by Artschwager reminded me of Fons Haagmans who does in some way the same. But where Artschwager tends to become a minimal artist. Haagmans stay’s always far from it and in his form language you always can recognize reality.


Artschwager’s first solo exhibition was in 1965 at the legendary Leo Castelli Gallery in New York. The most comprehensive retrospective of his complete work up till now was opened in 2012 at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, moving on to the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2013), and the Haus der Kunst, Munchen and the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco in 2014. has some excellent Artschwager titles available.

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Fons Haagmans (1948)

Yesterday i wrote about Fons Haagmans and that he reminded me of Richard Artschwager…..why?…. i stil do not know, because when your really compare and study both, there are so many differences to be discovered, but at a glance i still say… they  belong to the same family.

For me Fons Haagmans stands for two things. His catalogues published belong to the best dutch art catalogues published over the last 25 years and he is a typical artist of the south. Born and still living in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands, he had his most important exhibitions at the Bonnefanten museum ( Maastricht) which catalogues are available at

His art is something special and his works ( beside they are related to Artschwager ;-)) are strongly graphical and have a signature of their own.

nature, Letters/ fonts and numbers are a constant source of inspiration and worked out into joyful , intriguing works of art.

While studying some pictures of Haagmans i noticed some similarities with other artists:

left Fons Haagmans and on the right Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita (1928):

and left Fons Haagmans and on the right Julie de Graag( ca. 1915)

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Roy Villevoy (1960)

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Roy Villevoy, at one time he was one of the artist who’s name was mentioned by everybody in the art world in the Netherlands. A little like Rob Birza and Marien Schouten, but that was in the late Eighties and early Nineties, but since it has become a little quiet with Roy Villevoy. This is/was my personal idea.  Yes, i know he has had his exhibitions in the Netherlands and elsewhere ( Frankfurt catalogue is available at But i am wrong.  Villevoy has been active all these years and i was pleasantly surprised to learn of his solo exhibitions. So for those who missed Villevoy too. Here is the list with his solo exhibitions as found on his site and the VIllevoy Hollandse Meesters documentary on Youtube:


Selected solo exhibitions

2018 (upcoming) Unseen, Eenwerk, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL

2017 Evidence, Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoye, (*) Argos, Brussels, BE

2016 Eró (Preparing the Memorial Carving for Omomá), Brummelkamp gallery, AMC, Amsterdam, NL

2013 People in the Woods, Motive Gallery, Brussels, BE

2013 Tí, Koos Breukel & Roy Villevoye, Foam, Amsterdam, NL

2013 Black Box, (*), Argos, Brussels, BE

2012 Unseen, Westergasfabriek, Tí, Koos Breukel & Roy Villevoye, Motive Gallery / Willem van Zoetendael, Amsterdam, NL

2011 Jack and the Outskirts, Galerie Martinethibaultdelachâtre, Paris, FR

2011 Johan Grimonprez | It’s a Poor Sort of Memory that Only Works Backwards:

          On Zapping, Close Encounters and the Commercial Break, special guest: Roy Villevoye, SMAK, Gent, BE

2011 The Histories, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

2010 Preparations, Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, NL

2010 Madonna, (after Omomá and Céline), KIT, Amsterdam, NL

2009 Omomá, Galerie Martinethibaultdelachâtre, Paris, FR

2008 Detours, Films, Photographic Works, Installations (including collaborations with Jan Dietvorst), (*),
         Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL

2007 Black Box, Argos, Brussels, BE

2006 Propeller, Art Gallery of the Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US

2005 Propeller, The Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK

2005 Les Néerlandais Voyageurs, Trois expositions d’artistes néerlandais inspirés des cultures lointaines:
         (Ed van der Elsken, Roy Villevoye, Heringa/van Kalsbeek), Institut Néerlandais, Paris, FR

2004 Propeller, De Hallen, Haarlem, NL

2003 ‘At night we slept in the middle of the clouds. That was difficult. So they told me.’ (*), De Beyerd, Breda, NL

2002 Books and Prints, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

2002 Cinema (*), De Appel, Amsterdam, NL

2002 ‘Wat heb je daar dan gegeten?’, Steendrukkerij Amsterdam, NL

2001 Hunting and Gathering, Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, NL

2001 Rood katoen / Red Calico, semi-permanent project, Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leiden, NL

2000 My Bonnie Is Over The Ocean…, Stedelijk Museum Het Domein, Sittard, NL

1999 Passing Time, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

1997 Returning, Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, NL

1990 Spatie, Schilderijen / Paintings 1988-1990, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL

1987 Recent Werk, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, NL

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Toon Teeken (1944)

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I have been fascinated by the works of Toon Teeken for some decades now. I first encountered his works in the Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht in 1986 where he had an exhibition at that museum together with Fons Haagmans. I loved both, but slightly preferred the works by Teeken.

Since, i followed his exhibitions at museums and galleries. Because Teeken is represented by gallery Nouvelles Images which is quite nearby and easy for me to visit. I could follow his development as an artist. I  love his works but saw them rise in price with every new exhibition and becoming financially out of reach for me, but sometimes you are in luck…..  I found one of the most important works by Teeken coming up for sale and made a direct bid for it ….. and won.

teeken groot

I hoped to find a large wall for it at our home, but i miscalculated the space needed for such a large painting and had to store it. It is now stored for some years and it has become clear that there is no space available for it in the future and therfore it is now for sale at ftn-art at a price half of the gallery price. A bargain price for a painting which is much larger than the standard sized ones usually for sale.  But this one really needs space being 260 x 200 cm. it is an unsually large work , but when you have an office or conference offices i can highly recommend this one. Affordable and impressive and artistically an important work by a great dutch artist…Toon Teeken.

Its provenance…Artesia bank / Maastricht who had it in their entrance.

for more information see ftn-art

There are some nice Teeken publications available at



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Starting this blog with the internet address of Benoit Hermans for those among you who do not know his work. Hermans exhibited on multiple occassions in the Bonnefanten museum , but it took some years and Rudi Fuchs to present his art in Amsterdam. It was in the late nineties that he first received an exhibition in Amsterdam at gallery van Dieten and participated in the Stedelijk exhibitions ON THIN ICE and UP TO NOW. Benoit’s his art is fascinating. He combines every day persons /objects into collages making them feel strange and surreal.

The titles above are available at

On Hermans his site a story ( in dutch) is published titled “doubting Donald”

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Rene Daniels (1950)

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His first exhibition was in Dusseldorf in 1977, but he nver joined the NEUE WILDEN . A group of painters who were in vogue in those days. He felt himself more comfortable when compared with painters like Broodthaers and Picabia, who had an extra layer in their paintings.

His paintings look abstract, but when you study them in more detail you see that they are a complete abstract reproduction of reality. . Piccadilly/London, WTC New York and old houses in Gent can all be distinguished when you look long enough at the paintings.

The paintings look simple, but in reality they are very thought over and are complex and typical Daniels.

Rene Daniels has not had a long career …in 1987 he had a stroke and because of that had to finish his career at that moment as a painter. Since 2006 he paints again , but his style and approach to painting has changed, because of his motor skills are far less than before. But what he made in that very short period of nearly 10 years is of the highest quality and the museums that have work by Daniels should feel lucky to have it in their collections. You can find work(s) by Daniels in the collections of a.o. the van Abbemuseum, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Stedelijk Museum, Dordrechts Museum, Groninger Museum and Bonnefanten Museum

and of course has some nice titles on the artist

( and search on the site to find more Rene Daniels contributions to group exhibitions in which he participated)


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Sculpture 10 days… Day 8 ..Richard Deacon (1949)

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Perhaps a little bit forgotten, but still a very important sculptor is Richard Deacon. His works can be found in the Bonnefanten Museum and the Caldic collection ( all great sculptors can be found there;-)) and in the MUHKA, but you really have to search on the internet to find Deacon’s larger works on show. The constructions he makes are not intuitive , but constructed of little parts and pieces, screwed and bolted to each other making a construction typical Deacon. This is not an easy on the eye sort of art, but when you take your time , see the work interact with its surrounding, you must recognize that these are great sculptures. Deacon’s books are to be found at