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Marien Schouten (1956)

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Two things i remember about Marien Schouten. First that i read an article on the artist ( Metropolis M??) and soon after that i visited the old Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht. The exhibition by Schouten i visited solely to see this work for myself and not a little picture in a book. I remember that these paintings were altered and reshaped with pieces of metal and i was very much impressed.

After this special exhibition i have encountered his works on several occasion, but none of these events had the same effect on me as the first Bonnefanten exhibition. At the time of the Bonnefantenmuseum i feld the urge to add, at one time ,  a work to my collection, but somehow over the years i lost this feeling. But who knows, ….perhaps a nice early painting by Schouten will appear at auction and i feel i must bid on it, because these early works are special and in my opinion belong to the very best art in the Netherlands from the Eighties. has some Marien Schouten catalogues available.




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