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Jan Roëde ( continued )


Schermafbeelding 2020-04-28 om 11.00.08One of my personal favourite painters is Jan Roëde. Not very well known outside the Netherlands, but in the Netherlands, he has build a name for himself with frequent gallery and museum exhibitions. One thing I want to share with the readers of this blog is the frequent return of some elements in his paintings. Children, parents and some animals are to be found on his colourful paintings, but the one I like personally most is this “bird he puts in many cases next to his signature.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-28 om 10.55.14

It is a typical Roëde element which makes his paintings immediately recognized.  A fun fact, but also a part of the paintings which has the function of an extra signature, because the Roëde bird is one of a kind and no other bird in the world has this shape and can be found in so many colours.

There are some nice Roëde publications available at


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Jan Roëde (1914-2007)

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Jan Roëde was a contemporary of Piet Ouborg, Jaap Nanninga and Wim Sinemus, whom he met regularly in The Hague at the cafe DE POSTHOORN.. He was influenced by Miró’s form of abstract Surrealism. His paintings, populated by figures and shapes, are the result of a search for a world of forms that arose from him personally. Abstract or figurative was all the same to him. In fact the process of painting was more important than the forms that came out of it. In the last 2 decades. The Miro liked shaped forms almost disappeared from his painting and in their place came almost childish figures that populated the canvasses from that time on. On many a small bird appeared like a sort of extra signature.

roede etres a

Jan Roede is now part of our collection, since we managed to buy a very nice painting at auction last October. Jan Roëde was married to the sister of Will Leewens another artist which is in our collection and both have in common that during the 70’s and 80’s both sold their work on a regular basis to the Artoteek/HEDEN. This work, like so many others, comes originally from the HEDEN collection. has of course some nice publications on Jan Roëde


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Will Leewens (1923-1986).. playful abstract painting

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Without knowing , many people have contributed to the popularity of this artist and his works nowadays. He was one of the key artist who first started making his works available through dutch “Artotheeks” and art libraries. This started in the late Sixties and continued until the mid eighties. Art Libraries were fond of his works , because they were very colorful, abstract and even a little mystic, making them attractive for many of their members. These works are now recognized as typical Sixties/Seventies works of abstract art and belong to the best and most appreciated art works from these decades in the Netherlands. They are the colorful paintings Willem Hussem would have made when he still had lived . They are far less affordable  than a decade ago, but still very affordable and promiss a steep increase in value for the decades to come. Start searching in art databases and visit some galeries who have a nice selection of these works available and start here ….. ( Ftn art ) has a beautiful painting for sale and for some reading search for Leewens at

leewens groen c



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Willem Hussem (1900-1974) and the “Posthoorngroep”

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What about these glasses!….it is the first thing you see when you look at this portrait of Willem Hussem, a dutch painter from the Hague who formed together with Nanninga , Roede and Bohemen the core of the “Posthoorngroep”. The met weekly in the famous cafe de Posthoorn where they discussed art and everything else, but most of all inspired each other to some of the greatest art found in the Netherlands in those days, Among them Willem Hussem was perhaps the most diverse ( painting , sculpture and poetry), but certainly one of the most outspoken member of the group. Willem Hussem his works are spread all over the Netherlands in Museums ( Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Stedelijk Museum, Dordrechts museum) and many private collections. If you are searching to add a beautiful Hussem to your collection, let me know because i know of the whereabouts of some excellent paintings that are for sale by this great artist and of course has some nice publications available.

hussem paol a