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Will Leewens (1923-1986).. playful abstract painting

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Without knowing , many people have contributed to the popularity of this artist and his works nowadays. He was one of the key artist who first started making his works available through dutch “Artotheeks” and art libraries. This started in the late Sixties and continued until the mid eighties. Art Libraries were fond of his works , because they were very colorful, abstract and even a little mystic, making them attractive for many of their members. These works are now recognized as typical Sixties/Seventies works of abstract art and belong to the best and most appreciated art works from these decades in the Netherlands. They are the colorful paintings Willem Hussem would have made when he still had lived . They are far less affordable  than a decade ago, but still very affordable and promiss a steep increase in value for the decades to come. Start searching in art databases and visit some galeries who have a nice selection of these works available and start here ….. ( Ftn art ) has a beautiful painting for sale and for some reading search for Leewens at

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