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Delft Chair Collection ….STOELEN

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Containing over 300 chairs collected for teaching purposes since 1957, the collection is currently under the supervision of the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning (Van Wijk). It is acknowledged as one of the most important furniture collections in the Netherlands and is a source of knowledge about materials, construction and typologies for students and designers alike. In the past, the chairs were used as examples during lectures and as models during drawing lesson, but we now also use them as point of departure for research and design courses. Preliminary evaluations show that the close engagement with these unique objects improves students’ design processes and products.


Therre is an excellent article on thsi important collection to be found here:

JoDH_artikel_def.pdf (

and of course has the first impostant publication from 1980 on this collection available.

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Leonardo da Vinci vs Johannes Vermeer

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Since Linda had visited the Mauritshuis some 40+ years ago we finally had planned to visit the Mauritshuis. She told a story that one of her classmates had fainted after seeing ‘THE ANATOMIC LESSON” by Rembrandt, but the real reason to visit was not the story but the truly marvelous collection of 17th century art.

Most visitors interested in art who visi the Netharlnds go to visit the Rijksmuseum, but at a much smaller scale the Mauritshuis covers the same period and personally i think the collection is even better that that of the Rijksmuseum.

The Mauritshuis has in its collection THREE! iconic Vermeer paintings of the aprox. 35 known and dedicated to the artist, plus……these are among the highest rated of the artist including ” GEZICHT OP DELFT” and “GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING”. If you expect rows a viewers looking at this work of art… are wrong….my wife was the only one present in the room and admiring the painting from up close. This is the way a painting should be viewed and not the way the Mona Lisa is presented.

For me personally i prefer the Vermeer at anytime i hade to chose. Arguably a far more intriguing work of art and one i admire since the time i first saw it. My taste in art changed, but the admiration for Vermeer is still alive.

Beside many publications on Modern Art also has a small collection on 17th century art.

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Aronson …Lavish Tulipières

tulipieres a

It has been over 15 years ago that i met Mr. Aronson sr., an antique dealer with whom my parents bought a small piece of antique. It came with a certificate and after my father his death, me and my sister decided to contact this antique dealer who wrote and signed the certificate. He came to look at the small piece of furniture…… Evaluated it once again and came to the conclusion that the top was replaced and the value was less than 15% of its original value paid for. This was the instant i lost confidence in antique dealers permanently. The small dresser now graces are home as a souvenir to my parentst and i must say it blends perfectly well with the classic moderns and paintings we have in our living room. As said i lost confidence in antique dealers, but i can not but admire the two beautiful Tulip vases Aronson has brought up for sale in 2016. With it came a very nice , very well published book on the history of ( these two) Tulipieres and Tulip vases in general. The book is now available at

tulipieres b

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Dirk van Dien (1948)

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A locally known artist…that is Dirk van Dien and that is the reason why he received a retrospective exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum “het Prinsehhof” in Delft. Living and working for most of his life in the city of Delft it was the perfect choice for this exhibition.

Yes…the city depicted by Vermeer and hometown of Jan Schoonhoven, he never became as famous as the two mentioned. But his art is pleasing, colorful and lately inspiured by aboriginal art. It is noit the kind o f artist i would collect, but i know of a lot of people who like this kind of art , because it is easy and pleasing to the eye and still complex enough to be fascinated by it. I recent ly bought the 1999 Prinsenhof catalogue which was published in a small edition of only 5oo copies and i believe it is the only one on the market at this moment. So when you are an admirer do not hesitate to buy this great catalogue because it is special for more reasons than one.


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Willem Hussem and Carel Visser … an (unusual) cooperation

Thursday is bookmarket day and sometimes you are lucky and you encounter a rare publication. Last Thursday there was one. I found an extremely nice publication published by Stedelijk Museum Het Prinsenhof in Delft on the occasion of a WillMe Hussem Carel Visser exhibition. My guess it must have been in 1967 because an inlay with actual prices of the works in the exhibition s included with the mention that the works are from 1966-1967.

Willem Hussem died in 1974 and the works that are included were probably from his best years. Carel Visser started at that time his career and stayed true to iron, the material he kept using for all the decades to come. Both these artists became famous in their own way. The Delft catalogue has a simple layout, where the first  part is used to cite some of the Haiku’s Willem Hussem used to write in those years. The second part is for Carel Visser’s works. I tried to find another copy on the internet, but could not find one. Conclusion is probably the only internet store that has this rare title available

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Jaap van de Ende (1944)…an abstract constructivist

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Personally i think that Jaap van den Ende is the only true successor of Jan Schoonhoven. Specially his early works have the similar qualities as the ones Schoonhoven made in the sixties and early seventies. The Stedelijk Museum has some excellent examples of these early works in which little cut out pieces of grey plastic foil are placed on a white surface according a well though over pattern. the System and pattern make the composition, but thus creating a fascinating , lively work of art.

A little like the way Struycken worked, but with a simplicity that resembles the great early Sol LeWitt works. I love this early works, Later he changed his style into more colorful compositions, but always along a line of well thought over abstract contructivist forms. Since 1997 his works become far more realistic. Seascapes, parks and landscapes are all painted with perfection . a fascinating artist which you can encounter in several dutch museum collections. There are some nice van den Ende publications available at


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3x DELFT = Bogart, Henderikse & Schoonhoven

Just a simple announcement today. At gallery Schoots + Van Duyse, Antwerp. There will be on the 18th of December  the opening of the 3x Delft exhibition. All three artist  (BOgart, Schoonhoven and Henderikse) have Delft in common. A fascinating exhibition because rarely these artists can be seen together in one venue. 18.12.2016 – 26.02.2017

For those of you who want to prepare themselves before going. Please take a look at for publications on these artists.

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Joost Barbiers and Land Art Delft

A logical combination!

Honestly… i must say that i had not heard from both, but because we were traveling a few weeks ago Wageningen  ( Hotel de Wereld) and visited the local museum HET DEPOT, in which sculptures related to the human body are exhibited, we came across Joost Barbiers’s his work. Immediately , me and Linda liked it very much. The use of material which is left unworked and partly rough and in most cases  in the same sculpture is polished in other parts ,is beautiful.

The museum HET DEPOT itself can be highly recommended too, but i will discuss this in another blog.

After a few days we came home and i contacted through the site of Joost Barbiers ( the artist and was replied by his wife who told me that Joost had passed away in November 2015 and that all of his remaining works were exhibited in LAD/ Land Art Delft ( ). This announcement came as a shock, because we did not expect that, but we also learned that the remaining works from his studio were transported to LAD .

Another great project of which i had never heard before. Included in the mail was an invitation to attend the opening of the exhibition of Joost Barbiers, but because of a tight time schedule on that Sunday i could not attend, so i decided to go early and visit LAD. What a nice surprise!….. a landscape with wild flowers, birds and Land Art makes this a beautiful place to visit, experience great art and….walk the dog. The statues of Barbiers are presented in the best possible way in these surroundings and show why this artist is one to have a bigger audience. Rough and cultivated go hand in hand and these sculptures blend into the landscape as if these sculptures have always been there.

Besides the sculptures by Barbiers ( ca. 20 sculptures ) many other can be found there because LAD has a program with artists in residence who work there and leave there sculptures behind.

Conclusion….do not visit Delft solely to see the original scenery of Vermeer, but visit Land Art Delft too and be amazed by the Barbiers sculptures.