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Dirk van Dien (1948)

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A locally known artist…that is Dirk van Dien and that is the reason why he received a retrospective exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum “het Prinsehhof” in Delft. Living and working for most of his life in the city of Delft it was the perfect choice for this exhibition.

Yes…the city depicted by Vermeer and hometown of Jan Schoonhoven, he never became as famous as the two mentioned. But his art is pleasing, colorful and lately inspiured by aboriginal art. It is noit the kind o f artist i would collect, but i know of a lot of people who like this kind of art , because it is easy and pleasing to the eye and still complex enough to be fascinated by it. I recent ly bought the 1999 Prinsenhof catalogue which was published in a small edition of only 5oo copies and i believe it is the only one on the market at this moment. So when you are an admirer do not hesitate to buy this great catalogue because it is special for more reasons than one.


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