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Leonardo da Vinci vs Johannes Vermeer

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Since Linda had visited the Mauritshuis some 40+ years ago we finally had planned to visit the Mauritshuis. She told a story that one of her classmates had fainted after seeing ‘THE ANATOMIC LESSON” by Rembrandt, but the real reason to visit was not the story but the truly marvelous collection of 17th century art.

Most visitors interested in art who visi the Netharlnds go to visit the Rijksmuseum, but at a much smaller scale the Mauritshuis covers the same period and personally i think the collection is even better that that of the Rijksmuseum.

The Mauritshuis has in its collection THREE! iconic Vermeer paintings of the aprox. 35 known and dedicated to the artist, plus……these are among the highest rated of the artist including ” GEZICHT OP DELFT” and “GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING”. If you expect rows a viewers looking at this work of art… are wrong….my wife was the only one present in the room and admiring the painting from up close. This is the way a painting should be viewed and not the way the Mona Lisa is presented.

For me personally i prefer the Vermeer at anytime i hade to chose. Arguably a far more intriguing work of art and one i admire since the time i first saw it. My taste in art changed, but the admiration for Vermeer is still alive.

Beside many publications on Modern Art also has a small collection on 17th century art.

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