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Piet Dirkx weekly

dirkx abbe col

One of the two recent editions was an object by Piet Dirkx which figured in the van Abbemuseum exhibition of 1985. With tnis exhibition a small catalogue in an edition of 500 copies was publihed. This catalogue is available at

dirkx abbe


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Piet Dirkx weekly ….5

Another heart by Piet Dirkx is this Heart on Wood executed in wax. Originally part of the Biotoop presentation this has recently become part of my personal collection. The heart is a bright yellow in a brownish /red wax underground. If you look carefully you can distinguish rectangles in the red background. Wax Heart on wood , aprox size  55 x 40 cm.(collection W. van den Elshout).

dirkx weekly hart ap

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Piet Dirkx weekly ….4

And now for something completely different….certainly not. The 4th weekly is devoted to another part of Biotoop. It is the trusted companion wile at the dinner table at my sisters home. The Piet Dirkx hanging and looking over the table, is chosen because of the blend it makes in colors with its surroundings. Whenever you put a vase with flowers below it, it appears that all the colors of the flowers are present within the wax painting. The size is a medium size of aprox 118 x 100 cm. (collection Thijs & Jochem Bakker / Lucas van den Elshout)


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Piet Dirkx weekly ….1

“Drieluik” by Piet Dirkx was the first purchase i ever made of this artist. At that time i did not know Piet personally, but because of a conversation with Flip Bool , at that time curator at the Haags Gemeentemuseum, who recommended the artist Piet Dirkx i decided to visit the sales exhibition at the galerie  Venster. I had never heard of the artist before, read that he was at one time assistant to Sol LeWitt, but that was it… certainly would change, because since  i have been following his career for almost 35 years now.

I visited the recommended Piet Dirkx exhibition at Galerie ‘t Venster in Rotterdam on a Saturday morning and was very much impressed with his works. Colorful, Playful, nice compositions that were a symbiosis between monochrome painting, constructivist and minimal art. Piet Dirkx was an “eye opener” to dutch contemporary art and since i have made regular purchases of which most will be shown in this weekly. Here is the first. It was a bridge too far to purchase a ladder with panels but these 3 cigarboxes on a lath were the start of a very nice Piet Dirkx collection.

dirkx weekly triptiek