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Tante Leny ( from 1971-2000 )

tante leny 26 a

In total 26 volumes within the series were published over nearly 30 years.

This ante Leny magazine was first published in 1971 modelled after the great american underground like  ZAP and YELLOW DOG .

The dutch youth and music magazine Aloha had its own group of illustratores who regularly were invited to illustrate in Aloha. These artist were among the best and most controversial in the Netherlands and include Joost Swarte, Ever  Meulen and from later on Peter Pontiac.

They were invited to participate with a short comic in ethe first Tante Leny magazine. The initiatave was taken by Willem de Ridder and Ever Geradt , who would contribute to all volumes within the series. The series was at that time ” vanat garde” not only the subjects, but also their artistic approach in drawing text and size was completely new for the dutch readers. These series has become a classic in dutch comic art and was published irregularly until  2000 when the last number was published. This last number is something of  a special volume. It contains the very best comic artist who all had a complete free hand . The best story….one by Joost Swarte who’s main character Jopo de Pojo is strugling with a rubber condom. This latest number 26 of the Tante Leny series is now available at

tante leny 26 b



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