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Joost Swarte (continued)

The year is 1987 and PLaisier in Bruxelles published the niow much sought after series DILEMMA by Joost Swarte. The series was 10 postcards, which showed a “real life” dilemma. I do not have the complete series , but the onse i have i will show you with the text and series number .

1.swarte dilemma h card 6, ” You have gotten a girlfriend pregnant. Do you tell your wife?


swarte dilemma dcard 4, ” You find that your wife is having an affair. Would this be a reason for you to send her away?

3.swarte dilemma g

card 5, “You hear your neighbour beating his wife. Do you call┬áthe police?

4.swarte dilemma f

card10, ” Your Friend is constantly suffering from a bad breath. Do you tell him?

swarte dilemma c

These cards from this series are on request available . please inquire at

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