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added more Alechinsky rareties

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At auction I was lucky to find and buy a “lot” with some more Alechinsly rare books and among them there was one one publication of which i did not know it existed. It was the Alwechinsky catalogue for his Caracas exhibition from 1989. A catalogue published in only 1000 copies and spectacular because i am convinced that is a hard to find collectable Alechinsky publication. The full title is LITOS PERPETRA PIERRE ALECHINSKY and the exhibition was held at the Museo de Bellas Artesde Caracas. There is only one copy available and the first who orderes it at and uses the discount code Caracas will receive a 15% discount on this specific item.

alechinsky caracas a

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Karel Appel and Jan Vrijman ( Ik rotzooi maar wat aan, 1961)


Of course the official title is different . The documentary by Jan Vrijman from 1961 is called ” De werkelijkheid van Karel Appel”, but most people from the generation of Karel Appel know these famous words ….”ik rotzooi maar wat aan”, but reality is his painting is far from intuitive and improvisation. Many of his complex paintings were thought out and prepared on paper and i suspect that even the painting Appel is executing in the documentary is prepared and worked out on paper before he paints the canvas.

Appel is a great artist and certainly one of the most important ones in the Netherlands from the last century. His painting is the summit in abstract expressionism and he deservedly earned his place among the worlds greatest artist. has a large collection of Karel Appel books available

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Pierre Alechinsky…. a perfect publication.


The end of this year is near and almost 300 blogs have been published since I started blogging on WordPress. grew in an excellent way and i am looking forward to keep you informed on my inventory and exploits in art.

And what better way to end this year with a PERFECT publication by Pierre Alechinsky. In the sixties Alechinsky used original lithographs as cover for his exhibition publications and one of these is the no. 391 he made for the Stedelijk Museum in 1966 for his graphic exhibition. Photographs by Suzy Embo ( see earlier blog this month) and designed by Wim Crouwel. (available at

Arguably this is one of the top 5 publications the Stedelijk Museum made in the sixties, but for me this is perfection. Simple clean Crouwel design. the photographs are all excellent and the lithograph printed by Bramsen & Georges makes this one really stand out.

A perfect catalogue to end this year and start the New Year.

My best wishes to all my readers and followers for the New Year 2017.