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The ultimate Francis Picabia title.

picadia box oo

Without a doubt. There is only one publication that deserves that ULTIMATE title. It is PICABIA by Ronny van de Velde who made this special box available in an edition of 1000 copies and a secondary edition, with the special pochoir print of Satie, in an edition of 200. This box which is now for sale comes from the edition of 200 and contains the “pochoir” print of Erik Satie.  This box was the second of a series of special publications by Ronny van de Velde . The first being the CHESSBOARD box by Marcel Duchamp. I once had two copies of it, but both are sold and now i am very happy to offer you this other great collectable item. Francis Picabia and DADA in optima forma. Only the size and weight says it all 47 x 32 x 6 cm. and a hefty 4.2 kg.

The box is now available at


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Nico Dijkshorn ( continued )

dijkshoorn kunst

In November I presented a little chapter from Nico Dijkshoorn his book  KIJKT KUNST” here is another personal view by Dijkshoorn on one of the Kroller Muller Museum highlights. This time Hr looks at “Farmyard with girl ” By Henry van de Velde.

velde meisje


perhaps I like


on stiletto shoes

to work better for me

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Time slots in art

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-29 om 16.28.49

Within each decade there is always one or there are even multiple time slots that are important to art in genera. As for painting, the mid eighties from the 19th century is important because of the start of impressionism in art. The late Fifties from last century showed the start of abstract expressinionism in the US , followed in the Sixties by Pop ART and for the dutch there are the first four years of the Eighties. Here comes the art of some of the greatest dutch artist to bloom. Rene Daniels, Jan Dibbets, Ben Akkerman, Ger van Elk and the grand old master Bram van Velde found their way and art into galeries , private collections and museums. There even was a time that these 5 master of dutch Modern Art had a group exhibition at the MUSEU DE ARTE MODERNA DO RIO DE JANEIRO. It was 1984 and the museum presented these dutch modern artist together in one great group show. An important one , because now we know that these five dutch artists belong to the most important ones in the Netherlands from last century. The catalogue is now available at

Because i like the photograph…it is Bram van Velde who represents these 5 artists for this blog

dibbets holanda

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H.P Berlage and Henry van de Velde

2 architects joined forces in the beginning of the 20th century to realize the museum and hunting cabin for the family Kroller-Muller. In 1939 the museum building it self was finally finished , but more important, in the decades preceding the realisation of the museum. Mrs Kroller Muller had collected together with the aid of H.P. Bremmer a marvelous collection of contemporary art. Her choice in art was exquisite. Van Gogh, Signac, Seurat, Rijsselberghe, Redon and Marini ao were would prove to be key elements within the collection of the Kroller Muller. But for those who have visisted the museum and its surroundings there are other elements on the grounds which will be remembered. How about one of the best sculpture gardens in the world and the Jachthuis Sint Hubertus near ( designed by Berlage ) and ofcourse the beautiful and modernistic museum itslef designed by Henry van de Velde. has a nice italian publication available which is dedicated to these designs.

rassegna kroller


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Bram van Velde versus Willy Boers


Yesterday, i listed a lithograph by Bram van Velde on and because i searched for the title of the lithograph i encountered another painting by van Velde from an earlier date. The painting is from 1959 and now in the collection of a Belgium collector. ( See a nice article on van Velde at

But what struck me most were the similarities between a painting from another dutch painter …Willy Boers. A painting i know very well, title “Quintessens” and from a much earlier date. A painting which is one of the key works in dutch Modern Art and one which is depicted in the book. DOORBRAAK VAN DE MODERNE KUNST IN NEDERLAND

This Willy Boers painting was made in 1947 and finished in 1948. There are 11 years apart in both works. The Boers painting is strongly influenced by Miro and Picasso, but is it possible that Bram van Velde has seen the Willy Boers painting?

The books are available at