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Time slots in art

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Within each decade there is always one or there are even multiple time slots that are important to art in genera. As for painting, the mid eighties from the 19th century is important because of the start of impressionism in art. The late Fifties from last century showed the start of abstract expressinionism in the US , followed in the Sixties by Pop ART and for the dutch there are the first four years of the Eighties. Here comes the art of some of the greatest dutch artist to bloom. Rene Daniels, Jan Dibbets, Ben Akkerman, Ger van Elk and the grand old master Bram van Velde found their way and art into galeries , private collections and museums. There even was a time that these 5 master of dutch Modern Art had a group exhibition at the MUSEU DE ARTE MODERNA DO RIO DE JANEIRO. It was 1984 and the museum presented these dutch modern artist together in one great group show. An important one , because now we know that these five dutch artists belong to the most important ones in the Netherlands from last century. The catalogue is now available at

Because i like the photograph…it is Bram van Velde who represents these 5 artists for this blog

dibbets holanda

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