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H.P. Bremmer (1871-1956)

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The book i recently read on H.P. Bremmer shows the importance of this art consultant/artist. Not only he advised Mrs Kröller Muller , but he maintained one of the most important art networks during his life, which made it possible for him to advise mrs. Kroller Muller, the very best of art which at that time was and became available. His network made it possible to acquire works by van Gogh, Seurat, Signac, Toorop ….but also more modern artists like Matisse, Toorop and Severini. The result was one of the most stunning art collections in the world and the collection still stands out for its quality and location in Otterlo. . At random some names that made it possible for H.P. Bremmer to maintain his network untiul his death in 1956. : Hannema, Huszar, Lemmen, Israels, Modriaan, Sluijters, Redonm, Toorop, Mendes da Costa.

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For those who mastered the dutch language….the very interesting book on H.P. Bremmer is now available at

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H.P Berlage and Henry van de Velde

2 architects joined forces in the beginning of the 20th century to realize the museum and hunting cabin for the family Kroller-Muller. In 1939 the museum building it self was finally finished , but more important, in the decades preceding the realisation of the museum. Mrs Kroller Muller had collected together with the aid of H.P. Bremmer a marvelous collection of contemporary art. Her choice in art was exquisite. Van Gogh, Signac, Seurat, Rijsselberghe, Redon and Marini ao were would prove to be key elements within the collection of the Kroller Muller. But for those who have visisted the museum and its surroundings there are other elements on the grounds which will be remembered. How about one of the best sculpture gardens in the world and the Jachthuis Sint Hubertus near ( designed by Berlage ) and ofcourse the beautiful and modernistic museum itslef designed by Henry van de Velde. has a nice italian publication available which is dedicated to these designs.

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Julie de Graag (1877-1924), Two masterpieces

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Anna Julia de Graag was born in Gorinchem and followed her art education at the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten with Aarts and Bremmer. This H.P. Bremmer would later become the most important art advisor for mrs. Kroller Muller and was from the beginning of her career the personwho guided her into the world of art. Julie de Graag had a very personal way of depicting everyday subjects. Stylized, thick outlines, nature brought back to its essence. Julie de Graag was first and foremost a graphic artist. Her skills were superb and this resulted in great , beautiful small works of art. Her woodcuts i consider to be the very best and most beautiful i know of.

For me it started with a very small , but delicate exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum some 15 years ago and since i have been looking for these true masterpieces. There are not many of them , because Julie de Graag , had a small oeuvre and not many of these remain,because there had been a fire in her studio in which many of these works were lost. Furthermore she had to stop working in the early 20’s because she fell physically and mentally ill . and because of this illness and her weakening she committed suicide at the age of 46 . A sad life with beautiful exquisite art as a result.

It has been a while, but i am fortunate to have found another 2 excellent examples of her art and skills and both are for sale at For Julie de Graag these are large woodcuts ( approx. 23 x 19 cm) and best of all both are signed in the block and in pencil and in excellent condition.