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Eli Content (1943)

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Eli Content …Born in Switzerland , but living for most of his life in Amsterdam, has become somehow a local known artist. He is world famous in Amsterdam. His art is rooted within the Jewish fate, but apart from that you can look at it without knowing that background and what is left is “pure” abstract painting. His commissions are in many cases religion related . For instance he decorated the Portugese Synagoge in Amsterdam and the titles of his work reflect in many cases his Jewish background.

Eli Content is represented by galerie Onrust in Amsterdam and has one title on Content available.

content joods

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Han Schuil (1958) …. a contemporary Pop Art artist

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If you look at the Han Schuil paintings from recent years . Your first association is Pop Art. But look at them in retrospect and you must conclude that it is a natural development from his earlier works into these most recent ones.

Since the mid eighties he stayed true to his preferred material. An aluminium bearer, painted with alkyd and enamel.  I still admire his works and because of the use of aluminium  i think they stand out, giving the works both an abstract and an artificial industrial look. Schuil  is for me one of the great dutch artists . has some Han Schuil titles worth collecting.


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Jurgen Partenheimer part II

As promised ….here are some of the publications which are for sale. Jurgen Partenheimer is one of those artists that like to control everything in a publication. This shows in all his books. choice of paper, lay out, printing, binding….everything is done with the ultimate result in mind and of the highest quality. Go to and search for Partenheimer.