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Posters by Willem Sandberg and Wim Crouwel…part 8

Roger Bissiere held an exhibition in 1958 at the Stedelijk Museum. Catalogue and poster were designed by Willem Sandberg. In 1966 it was again time for Bissiere to show his latest works. This time Wim Crouwel designed both catalogue and poster. With the poster he was inspired by the one Sandberg had designed before. The poster is almost classic Sandberg in its approach. Colors, graphic design. red lettering all strongly influenced by Sandberg. But the catalogue!…there it was ….a typical Crouwel design…., size, binding, colors every aspect oozes Crouwel. Here are both and both are available at

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Roger Bissière, a lyrical abstract painter (1866-1964) in a Wim Crouwel catalogue


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A lyrical abstract artist and related to other abstract French painters like Manessier and Bazaine, Admired by Willem Sandberg , Bissiere received his first Stedelijk Museum exhibition in 1958 and in the early sixties another followed , this time with a spectacular catalogue designed by Wim Crouwel and for me this catalogue is the reason to write this blog, because i find this catalogie one of the very best Wim Crouwel ever made.


Clean, bright with some highly original details, the early smaller size and great typography makes this a Crouwel classic and the art…..well not bad either!

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