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Jaap Berghuis (1945-2005)


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To be honest …i lost track of Jaap Berghuis in the last decades. Berghuis was educated at Ateliers 63 and one of the most promising young artists in the Seventies, but somehow after his shows at the gallery Art & Project, the collectors lost interest in his works and to me it now seems that this was not just.

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Recently i encountered a truly wonderful painting at auction (i was outbid) and the amazing Art & Project BULLETIN publications that Berghuis made for van Ravesteijn and van Beijeren in their series of Bulletin publications. It shows now that Berghuis may have been ahead of his time since his painting now look as fresh as it must have been 40 years ago.

berghuis bulletin 130 b has the Art & Project Bulletin 77, 79, 118 and 130 available

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