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Jaap Mooy (1915-1987)

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Jaap Mooy is a dutch artist who is increasingly recognized as being important for Modern Art in the Netherlands. He witnessed the development of abstract art and was in the last decade of his artistic life an abstract painter pur sang. There are many influences to be recognized within his art. There is a bit Lucebert, Karel Appel, Tajiri, Jean Arp and Tinguely, but also influences of Bauhaus in his collages.

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Still this kind of art is getting more important by the year, because it shows the way abstract painting was developing over the years in the Netherlands and Jaap Mooy was an important artist contributing to this development.

left Mooy and right Jean Arp has now the most important Jaap Mooy publication available.

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IJmuider Kring

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The book that is for sale at is also in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. There are several reasons for it; First the IJmuider Kring is growing more important each year.

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Guy Molin made a short 46 min documentary on the IJmuider Kring in 1986 and since art collectors began to realize the importance of the Kring and the importance of the participating artists grew steadily. Who where the participating artist in the IJMUIDER KRING:

Pieter Defesche, Gerard van den Eerenbeemt, Theo Kuypers, Jon Marten, Lei Molin, Jaap Mooy and Reyer Kras

The foreword in this important book was written by famous dutch author Bert Schierbeek and the publisher Reflex made a wonderful publication on the Kring. Worth collecting , hence the objectnumber. in the Stedelijk Museum collection.

ijmuider kring