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André Thomkins (1930-1985)

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The books i am now very keen on and am selling at a much higher price level than the ordinary Eighties and Nineties books are those that i put up for “sale” a long time ago when i was working as the Museumshop manager at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. We had to make space in those days, because the very limited space available was not large enough to accomodate a large stock and in my wisdom, i decided to put up the Dieter Roth, Broken Music and Andre Thomkins publications up for sale because their sales were well below par.

In retrospect this is one of the bad decissions i have made, but at that time it was the only right one to take.  The result …books were sold out over time……, but  i now always try to make the pruchase when a Dieter Roth or Andre Thomkins book is encountered at the book markets or at auction. In the past 20 years i have collected in this way some very nice Dieter Roth and Andre Thomkins titles and what strikes me …in the last couple of years the interest in Andre Thomkins is rising. I conclude that he finally is appreciated fro the great artist he is and that the editions that have been made with Thomkins ( specially the Hansjorg Mayer ones) have become desirable and collectable books. has some Andre Thomkins titles still available


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Alfonso Hüppi (1934)

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German artist who has made a name in Modern Art, but outside Germany he is less known. A typical German artist and one which was/is both admired by Rudi Fuchs and Ad Petersen . He was raised in Switzerland , but educated in Germany. In 1977 he was in vited to be a participant within the Documenta/ Kassel, but before that date he had had his one man shows in Germany already. One of the earliest shows and catalogues, the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden one,  is aviilable at and it shows the truly modern abstract approach in his art.. It presents itself as a real artist book and is a rare collectible art publication.

huppi baden a


Alfons Huppi was represented by the very best galleries at the moment imaginable. the galerie Denise Rene/ Paris and Hans Mayer brought the artist from the very first beginning and was lucky to find the spectacular invitation fior the Falttucher exhibition encloded in one of the catalogues that i bought and which is available at

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Dieter Roth (1930-1998)

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I really do not know why it took me so long to appreciate the art of Dieter Roth, but the only reason i can come up with is that his books published by Hansjorg Mayer were such a long time considered “remainders” at the bookshop of the Haags Gemeentemuseum and it was impossible to find buyers for them. Since…. times have changed because the same books that could not be sold ( even at ridiculously low prices) are now the ones that are sought after by collectors and institutions all over the world and when you look at these closely they all have some qualities in common. The printing is executed by the best printers possible. The lay out and design are done in many cases by the artist which makes them more artist books than reference books and because of the series character the books itself are almost a work of art of their own.


My tip for the future is whenever you find such a book, buy it…even you think it is a little expensive these books will be important not only as a book but also as a work of art in the decades to come. has some excellent and rare Dieter Roth items available.