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Belgium Covers

There is no country in Europe that is so patriotic in its covers as Belgium. Many of the publications used for fairs and Biennales use the national colors of Belgium and the series of Europalia publications is inspired by the national colors of the country which is the guest country of Belgium museums, but still there is always a hint of the national colors to be found . I tried to find equivalents for France and the Netherlands, but apart from an occasional catalogue you can count the publication on the fingers of one hand.

Here are some examples which are now available at http://www.ftn-books

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Panamarenko— Lost and Found


It must have been over 10 years ago that me and Linda visited Brussel and went to the Koninklijk Paleis voor Schone Kunsten. In the bookstore i found 2 prints by Panamarenko which i bought both. These prints featured 35 inventions by Panamarenko and were signed and stamped in print by Panamarenko which made them beautiful works of art to frame and cherish. One was sold shortly after i put it up for sale on eBay /USA, but the other which was sold immediately after i had sold the first one and raised the price substantially, was lost in the process of archiving it. What happened with it….i do not know, but i could not deliver it , because it was lost and i could not find it anymore.

Last week, when i was looking for some Christmas decorations, i noticed a white tube and i immediately knew…. I found the lost PANAMARENKO/ Copyright print.

It is now for sale on eBay and in my shop

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Le Corbusier ….le Poème électronique ( 1958)

The year 1958…. Philips company invited Le Corbusier to design the pavilion for their participation at the World exhibition in Brussels. Philips wanted to show their innovative products at this world exhibition because this was the best platform thinkable for them and Le Corbusier could give them the initial exposure with a spectacular pavilion.

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With the presentation a Le Corbusier catalogue was published in several languages ( dutch, french, spanish and english) in 2 editions. The first edition has the color pages included and the 2nd edition only the black and white. This book is nowadays a highly collectable book. The cover by Jean Petit is iconic, the architectural photography spectacular and for the rest and the book itself . …..Philips has never made a better publication. This book is available at

poeme sept a

And for those who are into architectural models…yes, i have the model kit of the pavilion available paviljoen a

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Horta and the Belgium Museum for Comics


In the Zandstraat 20/ The Belgium Museum for Comics, ( centre of Brussels ) in an art nouveau building there is the Brasserie Horta, named after the famous Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta. If you walk Brussels there are many Art Nouveau buildings to be found , but the one that is the most important is probably the one which houses the Victor Horta museum in Saint Gilles. If you want to visit it, please note that the opening hours are very limited and only small groups may enter the building. Once there ,you will find one of the most authentic and beautiful Art Nouveau buildings to be found in Brussels. The Tourist Office has some nice walks on which the most typical Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings are indicated and when you take this walk , beside the buildings , there are many wall drawings to be seen ( practically all related to Belgian comic art ). Stop at the mentioned Brasserie Horta at the Museum for Comics, have a coffee and visit its collection, containing many authentic TinTin/Herge items.

and continue your walk to end at the Horta museum in Saint Gilles.


prepare your visit with the nice little book which i have available at