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Oskar Tröndle (1883-1945)

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The first dutch artist that springs to mind when you look at the works by Oskar Tröndle. I Julie de Graag. She woorked in roughly the same time bracket as Tröndle and there are similarities in both their works.

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But where de Graag stayeed near her home for her subjects, Tröndle has a much broader point of view. I was not very familiar with his works but they have the same quality is the de Graag’s i know. Strong graphic representation of the subject. It is the kind of art i like most.

The scarce “OT” book from the Solothurn museum is now available at

OT trondle

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Franz Eggenschwiller (1930-2000)

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Discovering “new” artists is one of the nicer thing of writing a daily blog. And writing a blog on this artist is a pleasurable experience since i like his art .  Mix total astraction wit constructivist art and use very delicate colors and you get an impression of the art Eggenschwiller stands for. Born in 1930 het must have known the abstract painters from his generation, but this does not show. His art is original and although not very well known, deserves to be presented in exhibitions and galeries. This is one of the goals the Eggenschwiller-Wiggli foundation has set for themselves.

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Eggenschwillers works must be known with a much larger public than these are known now. Works by Franz Eggenschwiller are present in the Solothurn Museum and has the most important publication on this artist available.