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Sebastiaan Bremer (1970)

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One of the sites I visited on Sebastiaan Bremer wrote that his art is a mash-up of styles and techniques and I can agree with that description.

Sebastiaan Bremer, Living and working in New York, applies everything from paint and inks to physical etchings to his photographs, creating an utterly original art piece. Many of his photos are from his own past, personal mementoes that have become like a “distorted memory or a magical dream,” as Life Lounge describes.

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Because he uses photographs and prints the size of his works is limited. The maximum size I encountered was 120 x 120 cm.  Just leaf through one of the two publications available at and you will notice that many of hs works would be even more impressive if they were executed on a larger size.  On average they are 80 x 60 cm. Still, these are in many cases intimate and highly personal works where Bremer used his childhood and personal life as the first layer of his work of art.