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Loustal….Bestiaire portfolio 1993

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“I enjoy drawing animals”, says Loustal. His illustrations confirm this. In the comic-strip squares that feature African settings, sinuous lizards adorn the walls. His amazing “dog-pig-hyena” hybrid has become a signature. Now, with “Bestiaire”, a portfolio comprising 7 screen-print plates, Loustal pursues a theme that has long fascinated him. The result is an ode to graphic art and a tender exercise embracing fantasy and wit.

The ” BESTIAIRE” portfolio, published in 1993 by Champaka is now available at www.

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Loustal….the crossover between comics and art.

From the early eighties on i a am an admirer of the french comic book artist…. Jacques de Loustal, better known as Loustal. He invented a comic book art form which is based on illustrations in which a complete scene/story is drawn within one drawing and with these illustrations he tells a complete story and challenges your imagination. Now his books are published all over the world. In the Netherlands they are mainly published by Oog & Blik, but in his early days his books and prints were almost all published in his native country France. One of the books that really stands out is WHAT HE EXPECTED OF HER. an adult view on marriage and relations. A highly recommended title of this fascinating artist. Available at