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Reinoud van Vught (1960)

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It must have been around 1990 when I first heard about Reinoud van Vught. Not because I saw work of him, but because during that period I met marc Mulders and because of a publication we were selling by Mulders in which the other painters of the Tilburgse School were included I, for the first time, some work by van Vught. (Geelen, van Dongen and Zuurmond are the other painters from the Tilburgse School).

de Tilburgse School

What makes van Vught and Mulders stand out for me is that their works from a distance are realistic, but…..come close by and they transform into pure abstract works of art. Powerful, paintings and drawings. In these works, many natural elements find their way into its composition. Flowers, branches, animals and birds are present. The tree trunks and branches have found their way in a series of oil paintings on paper which was presented at the Museum ‘t Coopmanhus in Franeker in May/June 2000.

An impressive series which catalogue is now available at

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