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Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943) and Alchimia


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Oskar Schlemmer and the BAUHAUS is the first combination that springs into my mind when i think of this German artist. But Schlemmer is much much more. Cubism, murals and stage design are among the other qualities of Schlemmer. It was in 1987 that the Stedelijk Museum recognized these qualities of Schlemmer and devoted a large exhibition on the artist in which all his qualities were presented in an excellent exhibition. Since this exhibition, many other museum have devoted solo exhibitions to Schlemmer, but the one from the Stedelijk Museum remains one of the very best. One of the second reasons why i devote this blog to Schlemmer, is that for me he was one of the first post-modern artist from the last century. Compare his designs with Alchemia and Memphis designs and you can see for your self the similarities between the two of them. over 60 years apart from each other they look alike and are  drawing from the same design ideas. Books are available at


Wim Crouwel designed the Schlemmer catalogue for the Stedelijk Museum and it is one of the very best from the eighties.


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