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Piet Dirkx weekly

CBK kunstuitleen made this card for the 1999 Piet Dirkx exhibition:

” My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky”

The picture is the Flat at the Jan Vermeerstraat in Venlo

dirkx gevel

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A spectacular Pop Up, 1992

artvertising d

Pop & Artvertising was held at the Museum Bommel van Dam in 1992. The catalogue was designed as a true Pop Art collectible. You could hold the catalogue by a “space” in the cover and pages. Making the catalogue look like a paper bag. The exhibition showed the relation between Pop Art and advertising. Brown paper bag pages throughout except fo the middle . Open the middle and there is a brilliant Pop Up . The design of the catalogue is by Ruud van Soest and in my opinion this is certainly a highly collectable Pop Art catalogue.This catalogue is now available at

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Evert Thielen (1954)

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-16 om 14.46.11

He is called the master of the multi pannelled painting and i do not doubt it, because his technique is phenomenal. I have followed the career of Thielen from the very first moment i first saw a painting of his he presented to my old school. They had, if i remember well, their 75th anniversary and he had made a painting of the school facade.  It looked like the real thing. great perspective, nice colors, but to me it looked very much like a clone of the best facade Carel Willink could do with textures and colors. But from that moment on his career took off  with exhibition in the Netherlands and abroad. In the process he developped a style of his own and was one of the few in the Netherlands that could paint a truly large canvas. In many cases devided over multiple panels. This is not my kind of art i would like to have in my collection, but one must admire his paintings for their realistic qualities they undoubtedly have. has some nice Thielen titles available