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Jean-Paul Franssens an expanding inventory/ collection

It has been almost 20 years ago that i acquired my first Jean-Paul Franssens drawing and since, ever when i had the opportunity to acquire another work ,i did  and finally yesterday i was presented with the latest addition to my collection … a beautiful large yellow rabbit from 1992. I am proud to show you the collection as it is now and please look at for the prints by Jean-Paul Franssens which i am offering now.


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Arja van den Berg (1947), master of the ordinary life.

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It is over 35 years now that i know Arja van den Berg and followed her progress in art. She stayed true to all subjects close to her. Kitchen, fruits, dogs, cats and the occasional portraits complete her oeuvre. Painting, graphics and ceramics make her work diversified as much as possible, but subjects are always found “close by” in her daily life and studio. The books and prints that has available of her show this on every page. Somewhat romantic, very skill full and highly accessible works, make her art timeless.