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Gustave Loiseau (1865-1935)

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For me Gustave Loiseau represents the generation just after the great impressionists and Neo impressionists. Influenced by these great artists ,but eventually developing this into a style of his own. Just a similar path that Maximilien Luce also walked.

They were contemporaries of each other and both had a liking of landscapes but they also opened their artistic eyes for the rise of industry and painted these new elements in the landscapes. It was as early as the beginning of the Seventies that I took an interest in art and visited for the first times auction by Christie’s and Sotheby’s and these artist were showing up, because of the artistic and commercial value they represented. Peresonally i like Luce better because of his wider approach to painting nearly all kinds of subjects, but Loiseau is the more poetic one.

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There are not many publiucations on Loiseau , but the above is one that is available at

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