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A Paradise Lost (1935-1955)

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Here is the tile of a book a recently acquired. Title ….A PARADISE LOST and the subject is the Neo-Romantic Imagination In Britain from 1935-1955. To be honest… I never hear of this current in the Art scene, but when I opened the book I was struck with some famous names that i have known for all of my working life in art. Graham Sutherland was the first I recognized and then there was Lucian Freud and later again, Francis Bacon and Edward Burra. Leafing through the book it appeared that these now-famous names were presented together with lesser-known names but their art is not less appealing. It is typical for this Era and balances between realism and surrealism. This is a period which should be more in focus with the larger Museums in the world since it is a bridge between the realism of the early¬† 20th century and the modern, abstract art as we know it. I can only highly recommend this book for those interested in this period. The book is now available at

paradise lost


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