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Giovanni Nicolai ( continued )

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-21 om 09.32.56

With a unregular frequency of once a year i receive an overview of some of the new works by Giovanni Nicolai. He certainly is rooted in classical Italian art from the middle ages until more recent art. Just look at the two paintings below and i saw an immediate resemblance between the two female figures.

Giovanni was one of my first customers who had an interest in Massimo Rao and bought one of my special publications i had in stock on the artist. Since, we have a regular contact in which he sends me by mail pictures of his latest works. Of course there are more than the 4 paintings i have depicted with this blog. But these are now available at reasonable prices. So if interested do not hesitate to contact me and receive your best offer Giovanni and I can give you on this original Italian art.

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