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David Bade (1970)

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It must have been round 2002 that i first saw a sculpture by David Bade. It was the Yellow one/ BIG FISH DAY  that was placed at the entrance of the GEM, the contemporary museum next door to the Kunstmuseum Den Haag.  A bright yellow sculpture with a stork ( weapon of THE HAGUE) in top .

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My personal thought is that this is a monstrosity and over the nearly 20 years now that it is at this spot i never learned to appreciate it. Last week i walked by it , looked at the sculpture and noticed it was worn at some places and a thin layer of green algae is covering the sculpture, so perhaps in short time the sculpture will be removed from its spot and placed elsewhere. So far the negative on David Bade, because one always must have an open mind and when i leafed through the 2010 David Bade catalogue i was impressed….powerful sculptures, great paintings and drawings which reminded me of the great Expressionist painters . So there is a shift towards the positive. It does not mean that i now admire the sculpture outside GEM, but i definitely makes me look different to David Bade his art. The 2010 book is now available at

david bade

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