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the dutch Still Life painting

There is a tradition in dutch painting that the dutch are specially good at Still Life painting. It does not matter if the subject is flowers, a kitchen table or just some pots and pans, through the ages they have made beautiful and highly detailed still life paintings. How about this as an example: Jan van Huysem floral painting.

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Filled with details and just an example of the many many still life paintings the dutch have made through the ages. Van Huysum is just an example , but to prove my point i want to present the Groninger painter Henk Helmantel as a contemporary colleague of the old masters. His technique is one of a kind and his works can be compared with the very best from the GOLDEN AGE in dutch painting.

If ever you want to see his paintings in a semi public surroundings, please visit the Hotel Restaurant de Zon in Ommen because they have some of his classic still life painting on permanent show and while at it have a nice lunch at the restaurant and enjoy the Vechtdal.

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There ara several books on still life painting available at, among them this one designed by Wim Crouwel for the Stilleven exhibition at the van Abbemuseum

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