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Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948)…. Die Scheuche. Märchen. (1925)

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This blog is on a book  i recently sold . The perfect reprint from 1980, but when i searched for it i found it to be no longer available anywhere, so I decided to photograph the pages before i shipped it to my customer in Switzerland and make it available in this Blog . It is one of the great books/ designs from last century:

Die Scheuche. Märchen. by Kurt Schwitters

Next year i will publish another blog on Kurt Schwitters , but to emphasize the importance of this publication i give you an integral version in this blog….enjoy!

and for other Schwitters books visit

scheuche a.JPG

scheuche b.JPG

scheuche c.JPG

scheuche d.JPG

scheuche e.JPG

scheuche g.JPG

scheuche h.JPG

scheuche j.JPG



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