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Gerhard Richter (1932)

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A grand old master from the German art scene from last century.

Here is how his own biography is starting on the Gerhard Richter site. This is one of the best biographies on the internet because it covers all Richter’s history starting in his early years and finishing in the present.

Gerhard Richter was born to Horst and Hildegard Richter in Dresden on February 9, 1932. Having married the year before, Gerhard was their first child, with a daughter, Gisela, arriving in 1936. Horst Richter, with whom Gerhard did not have a close relationship, was a teacher at a secondary school in Dresden.1 Hildegard was a bookseller and, like her father, a talented pianist. She was passionate about literature, and passed on her enthusiasm and knowledge to the young Gerhard. They were, in many respects, an average middle-class family. In an interview with Robert Storr Richter described his early family life as “simple, orderly, structured – mother playing the piano and the father earning money”

Find the rest of this very extensive biography at :

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