Otto Egberts and Schaamstreken vol. 1

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-28 om 09.56.55

The art event of last week in the Netherlands was the auction of the private collection of Ron Klein Breteler at the Venduehuis in Den Haag. The auction contained 226 works which were all collected during the last 25 years and contained highlights by Rajlich, de Sauter, Ossip and De Bloeme. The auction night drew a large crowd all anticipating and ready to buy a work for their collections. The estimates were in many cases far to low, but some of the items were sold at reasonable prices and i could buy two lots.

The first i could buy were 4 artist books by Otto Egberts, SCHAAMSTREKEN vol. 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the second a painting by Jan Maarten Voskuil.

The Egberts books are very special and deserve to be known by a larger public. It would be a pitty that these great artist books are only known to a few persons. Therefore i decided to publish all pages of the 4 books in 4 separate blogs on consecutive Sundays starting from now and today is the first volume to be published within this blog series . The SCHAAMSTREKEN 1 book measures 39,3 x 10,9 cm. And contains 34 pages, 15 drawings spread over 2 pages and 2 one page drawings. The end paper has the signature and date on it in pencil. These original drawings were done in color on old Danish maps and nautical charts.

Here is the integral reproduction of volume 1

schaam 1 t

schaam 1 b

schaam 1 c

schaam 1 d

schaam 1 e

schaam 1 f

schaam 1 g

schaam 1 h

schaam 1 j

schaam 1 k

schaam 1 l

schaam 1 m

schaam 1 n

schaam 1 o

schaam 1 p

schaam 1 q

schaam 1 r

schaam 1 s

schaam 1 a

A truly magnificent artist book and one of the most spectacular books i have ever owned. For more information on Otto Egberts do not forget to visit his website and other great artist books at


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