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Mario Deluigi (1901-1978)

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Mario Deluigi is another painter from the stable of Galleria del Cavallino. He is one of the painters i like the most and his works remind me of the works from the early Seventies Sol LeWitt made for some italian publishers. Perhapd they have known eachother, but what remains is that the works by Deluigi are not cheap , but far less expensive than those of Sol LeWitt. Great art and still available at art galleries at a much more affordable price

Mario Deluigi was born in Treviso in 1901. The artist’s production was characterized by the use of grattage, a technique that required creating marks in negative, engraved on the surface layers of the painting, characterized by a lumpy and material surface. Color and light were the foundations of the artist’s research and the grattage works, fulcrum of his artistic production, were conceived and created in harmony with the spatialist current to which the artist adhered. The little book below is available at


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